Top 5 Reasons for Hiring a Wedding Planner

Written by Dion Semeniuk



One ofrepparttar most joyous occasions in life is a wedding, a time when two people in love exchange those powerful words, I Do, which binds them legally as husband and wife. Although an exciting time of life, planning a wedding is also a very stressful time. For that reason, many people have discoveredrepparttar 150064 benefits of hiring a professional coordinator to ensure everything comes together as it should. In this article, we are providing you withrepparttar 150065 top five reasons for hiring a wedding planner so you can enjoy your wedding with much less stress.


The number one reason for hiring a wedding planner is to dramatically reducerepparttar 150066 level of stress. Every wedding, evenrepparttar 150067 best planned will have challenges. Unfortunately, whenrepparttar 150068 bride and/or groom arerepparttar 150069 ones trying to handle allrepparttar 150070 obstacles along with everything else, they feel completely overwhelmed and suddenly,repparttar 150071 enjoyment of wedding planning is outrepparttar 150072 door. With a professional planner, they supervise all ofrepparttar 150073 events associated with your wedding so you no longer have to sweatrepparttar 150074 small (or big) stuff. That means everything fromrepparttar 150075 delivery ofrepparttar 150076 flowers, torepparttar 150077 set up ofrepparttar 150078 cake, torepparttar 150079 limos arriving on time is taken care of for you.


A good wedding planner will have been inrepparttar 150080 business for years. Because of this, they have coordinated hundreds of weddings and can take ideas to share with you for your upcoming wedding. That means instead of a wedding cake that is three layers of chocolate, you could end up with something tropical, one layer of pina colada cake, one of red raspberry, and a third of coconut cream. The point is that by hiring a wedding planner, your ideas can be expounded on, enhancing your wedding.

How to choose a sofa for a family with kids

Written by Janice Wee

If you have children in your home, what sort of sofa should you choose?

With kids inrepparttar house, you probably need more seats. A 1 seated sofa is not as cost effective as a 3 seated sofa. You need 3 single seated sofa to seat 3 people as compared to just a 3-seater. The price of 3 single-seated sofa is significantly less thanrepparttar 150046 price of a 3 seated sofa. 

That means, for a large family, you would save substantially if you go forrepparttar 150047 3 seated sofas as compared to several 2 or 1 seated sofas.

One way to seerepparttar 150048 best value is to calculate cost per seat of that sofa. 

For a single seat,repparttar 150049 cost per seat is justrepparttar 150050 price.

For a 2-seated sofa,repparttar 150051 cost per seat would be price divided by 2

For a 3 seated sofa,repparttar 150052 cost per seat would be price divided by 3

and so on.

The best value would berepparttar 150053 sofa withrepparttar 150054 lowest cost per seat, everything else remainingrepparttar 150055 same.

Next, considerrepparttar 150056 dirt factor. I mean, kids, with their tendency to jump onrepparttar 150057 sofa, would dirtyrepparttar 150058 sofa very quickly. Not only that, they would eventually breakrepparttar 150059 springs inrepparttar 150060 sofa. You could trainrepparttar 150061 children not to walk, jump or play onrepparttar 150062 sofa. But it is wiser to get a sofa set that can withstandrepparttar 150063 stresses a kid would bring.

For one thing,repparttar 150064 sofa would get dirty very quickly. A darker color would be more practical. Leave a white sofa in a home with naughty kids and you'll end up with a gray, or eventually black sofa over time. Dirt shows up so obviously in a light colored sofa. On a dark colored sofa,repparttar 150065 deep color hidesrepparttar 150066 gray or black dirt stains. You don't have to clean it so often. It will still look good months later.

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