Top 5 Mistakes In Ezine Advertising

Written by Alessandro DeBarros

Top 5 Mistakes In Ezine Advertising

By Alessandro DeBarros

Ezine advertising has been glorified by expertsrepparttar world over asrepparttar 131800 last refuge forrepparttar 131801 little guy/gal to make a buck online. Well, I hate to deliver bad news, and please don't shootrepparttar 131802 messenger, but there are some draw backs to ezine advertising and many ofrepparttar 131803 Inner Sanctum E-Letter subscribers are making them daily. Let's look atrepparttar 131804 most common mistakes and their solutions.

Mistake #1: Not Tracking Your Ads

Many business owners have no idea how they can track every ad they place. Whether for an affiliate program or their own product, they just don't know. Not knowing what ad is working and producingrepparttar 131805 sale will cost you and your business thousands of dollars. When you know what ad produces and what ad doesn't you can cutrepparttar 131806 worst ofrepparttar 131807 ads and only keeprepparttar 131808 ad/s which is producing for your business.

--Solution--: If you own your own website and domain name, you can track every ad by creating a special redirect link that is only used in that ad. Or you can add a question mark torepparttar 131809 end ofrepparttar 131810 URL and check that on your stats page.

A simple, will suffice in most cases. Check with your web host to see if you have access to your web site stats log. Or sign up for one ofrepparttar 131811 free/fee tracking services online.

Mistake #2: Writing Me-Too Ads

When writing your ad you must take your ego, your desire to boast about you and your company, out ofrepparttar 131812 equation. An example of a me-too ad:

"Acme Law Offices have been in business for 20 years. Our staff of lawyers all graduated from Harvard Law School with honors. Call us at 1-800-acme-law today!"

--Solution--: Write benefit and results oriented ads. Example:

"Guaranteed Settlements! Win your settlement guaranteed and save 43% on attorney fees by calling ACME Law Offices at: (blah, blah, blah)"

This ad focuses completely onrepparttar 131813 end result,repparttar 131814 main benefit. Guaranteed Settlements. Which ad do you think would pull more responses?

Mistake #3: Running Classifieds

Since they don't cost much, business owners tend to use classifieds to save costs. Classifieds are cheap, $5-$20 per ad, and in most cases run faster than solo or top sponsor ads becauserepparttar 131815 ezine publisher runs 10-20 per issue.

What's not so commonly known isrepparttar 131816 fact classified sections are often times scanned byrepparttar 131817 reader (I scan past them every time) and get very little eye time.

Forget the ad networks, AdSense just makes sense.

Written by Mike Ramirez

Q: Ofrepparttar billions of sites onrepparttar 131798 web, what isrepparttar 131799 one thing just about every site has in common?

A: Almost every one is trying to make an extra buck off of advertising in some fashion.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but many years ago when affiliate programs seemed innovative, I too tried to cash in by linking to books and music. Did that actually work for anyone? Chances are most will say no. Didn't work for me either. Not only did I not make an extra buck, I didn't even make an extra penny. In fact, even my site (shameless plug), which receives around 500 unique visitors a day does not produce particularly good results from affiliate programs. The bottom line is, most affiliate programs won't work for most web sites. Vague, I know. But from my experience, unless your audience is very general, you'll need to find affiliate programs that are very specific to your niche in order to produce evenrepparttar 131800 slightest result. Though, these days, even well targeted affiliate programs don't seem to produce much.

Like myself, most modern day web developers have opted not to join affiliate programs and have instead turned to ad networks such as FastClick, TribalFusion, Burst, etc. I joined FastClick since it was said to haverepparttar 131801 highest CPM rates. And for a long while, I was pretty happy withrepparttar 131802 results. I was able to make a breath-taking 50 cents a day. Yes, I was happy with that. I wasn't expecting millions...reality sank in long ago...somewhere betweenrepparttar 131803 days of being an "Amazon affiliate" and having my job dissolved afterrepparttar 131804 crash. So, 50 cents a day, or an approximate $15.00 a month was great. Every bit helps when you're self employed.

Now let me get torepparttar 131805 point. Forget about affiliate programs! Forget aboutrepparttar 131806 ad networks (or at least reduce them to being a secondary form of ad revenue)! Google's AdSense is where it's at! What was once offered only torepparttar 131807 largest ofrepparttar 131808 web, is now available to those of us running smaller niche sites. And how could there be any form of advertising cooler than one that uses your own content to determine which ads to display? I mean, this is what we've all been waiting for. This isrepparttar 131809 answer. Highly targeted ads, non-intrusive, routinely shuffled to maintain freshness, and they pay well. And when I say pay well, I mean,repparttar 131810 potential exists to make in one day what I had previously been making in an entire month via FastClick. While, I'm not allowed to discuss any particular figures (part ofrepparttar 131811 agreement in using AdSense), I will say that it's not even been a month now, and I've already made more from AdSense then I made inrepparttar 131812 entire duration of running ads for FastClick. Needless to say, I've waived bye bye to ad networks and affiliate programs.

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