Top 5 Audio And MP3 Tools You Can Pick Up For Pennies

Written by David D. Deprice

1. Sound Snooper - Secretly Record Conversation.

Sound Snooper is sound recording software that can be used for phone call recording and monitoring, radio broadcasts logging, spying, employee monitoring and so on.

2. AT&T Natural Voices - 3 Day Sale

The AT&T Natural Voices™ speech engine comes bundled with two US English voices, Mike and Crystal, in either 16khz or 8khz versions. You can addrepparttar Natural Voices™ engine to your purchase, or if you already have one of our products or other text to speech software you can purchase it as directed below.

3. RipEditBurn - Today Only 10% Off

Blaze Audio's award-winning RipEditBurn turns your PC into a digital audio powerhouse! It will rip CDs (including copy protected CDs by using our Analog Ripping Technology), edit wave, WMA and MP3 files, convert MP3/WMA files to wave and wave files to MP3/WMA, and burn your own custom music CDs easily, quickly, and at a price that won't break your budget.

Using Link Placement Analysis to Maximize Profits

Written by Craig Desorcy

Let us assume for a moment that your web site is a store. Not a piece of virtual property, but a real one. Standing behindrepparttar counter, you notice where customers flow as they travel around your carefully constructed displays.

Taking note of this behavior, you decide to putrepparttar 139998 latest special offers alongrepparttar 139999 most visited path throughrepparttar 140000 store. Each offer, of course, placed strategically alongside competing products.

Then, you sit back and watch, as visitors decide to stop and stare atrepparttar 140001 displays, ignore them and walk off, or pick up a product and put it in their basket.

Very quickly, you learn which offers work, which do not, and which never even get seen.

Now translate this intorepparttar 140002 virtual world. Your customers navigate by clicking on links. So,repparttar 140003 question is, do you knowrepparttar 140004 links being clicked? If not, you will miss out on sales, and hence profits.

One ofrepparttar 140005 most innovative schemes to date has to berepparttar 140006 Google AdSense project. It works so well becauserepparttar 140007 adverts presented matchrepparttar 140008 surrounding content.

Trapping which adverts are clicked, and which are not, will put you in a position to optimizerepparttar 140009 presentation so that you maximizerepparttar 140010 click-through ratio of each AdSense block.

This works in so many different ways that you could be multiplying your sales by simply reusingrepparttar 140011 same techniques and wording presented by AdSense inrepparttar 140012 rest of your site.

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