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Amazing 1892 Golf Novel Predicted Bullet Trains, TV and More

Written by Steve Smith

Did you hear aboutrepparttar strange little book, written in 1892, that predicted such wonders as bullet trains, digital watches, television and women's liberation decades before those things came to pass?

The book leapt intorepparttar 105775 news in early 2005 when a rare first edition sold at auction for more than $2,000.

The strangest thing aboutrepparttar 105776 book is that it is not a work of science fiction, as we would generally understandrepparttar 105777 term, nor some obscure tract of religious prophecy. Instead it's a novel about, of all things, golf.

Written by a 19th-century professional Scottish golfer named J. (or Jay) McCullough, about whom very little is known, Golf inrepparttar 105778 Year 2000; or, What We Are Coming To also predictedrepparttar 105779 advent of golf carts and international golf competitions.

Published under McCollough's pseudonym, J.A.C.K.,repparttar 105780 book chroniclesrepparttar 105781 tale of a character named Alexander J. Gibson who falls into a near-comatose state on March 24, 1892. He awakens 108 years later (on March 25, 2000) into a world, where, among other things, women dress like men, run businesses and hold most ofrepparttar 105782 top government positions.

Gibson also learns, to his considerable delight, that women do allrepparttar 105783 work in this evolved society whilerepparttar 105784 men play golf full time. Upon being informed of this fact, he cries out that it's "the dream of my former existence come true! I am, indeed, a lucky man to see it. ... The world is evidently getting things ship-shape. ... Oh, how I would like to wake up some of my old chums. I know a few who would appreciaterepparttar 105785 arrangement."

But Gibson finds that his beloved golf has changed radically, too. He has to adjust torepparttar 105786 existence of driverless golf carts, golf clubs that automatically register their user's score and jackets that yell "Fore!" wheneverrepparttar 105787 golfer begins to swing. He findsrepparttar 105788 jackets to be particularly grating, but it'srepparttar 105789 rule at every club in Britain: you can't play unless you're wearing one.

He also gets to watch -- via a television-like device that works through an elaborate mirror arrangement -- a golf competition between Britain andrepparttar 105790 United States, much likerepparttar 105791 Ryder Cup (an event which did not begin until 1927).

And, he learns that wars have ceased, at least amongrepparttar 105792 European powers, because international disputes are now settled by ... golf matches.

One thing about golf hasn't changed, Gibson reflects following a round of golf in which he emergesrepparttar 105793 victor--and has to listen to his defeated opponent grousing about bad luck. "The same old excuses, I thought. Among all those inventions, surely they might have got something new in that line."

The main character's adventures inrepparttar 105794 year 2000 also include taking a ride in an underground tubular railway, which people familiarly callrepparttar 105795 "tub," and reading about a new London-to-New York speed record of two hours and 32 minutes, which is achieved by a bullet-type train traveling beneathrepparttar 105796 Atlantic Ocean.

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