Top 3 Reasons Why Your Headlines Fail

Written by George Dodge

Many professional copywriters estimate thatrepparttar headline contributes to 80% or more ofrepparttar 108010 success of any ad, article, or sales letter.

One direct marketing expert goes so far as to creditrepparttar 108011 headline with 100% ofrepparttar 108012 success or failure of any ad or sales letter, because ifrepparttar 108013 headline fails to pullrepparttar 108014 reader intorepparttar 108015 main body ofrepparttar 108016 ad or sales copy, then there is no chance of success!

And they are both right! If your headline fails to perform its' function of gettingrepparttar 108017 reader to read further into your copy, thenrepparttar 108018 headline is fully responsible forrepparttar 108019 failure ofrepparttar 108020 ad or sales letter.

However, ifrepparttar 108021 headline is successful, then other sales copy factors come into play, such asrepparttar 108022 benefits presented,repparttar 108023 guarantee,repparttar 108024 offer,repparttar 108025 close, etc. Now they all share inrepparttar 108026 effectiveness ofrepparttar 108027 sales copy as well. But ifrepparttar 108028 headline fails, they then play no part.

Think about how you read a newspaper or magazine. Do you start withrepparttar 108029 first article and then read every word from front to back ofrepparttar 108030 publication?

Of course not!

Instead, you quickly scanrepparttar 108031 headlines, looking for something that interests you, either because of curiosity or because there might be something in it for you. You skip over allrepparttar 108032 rest!

Well, guess what. That'srepparttar 108033 same way your readers view your ad, article, sales letter, or sales page.

So, here arerepparttar 108034 three main reasons for headline failure.

1. You Fail To Grab Your Reader's Attention!

Your headline serves asrepparttar 108035 ad for your ad, article, or sales letter. Its' mission is to grabrepparttar 108036 reader's attention, stop them dead in their tracks and get them to want to read further down intorepparttar 108037 article. If your headline fails in its' purpose, thenrepparttar 108038 whole ad, article, or sales letter will fail because they will never get read!

Your Headlines Are Key To Your Success Or Failure. Do You Know What To Write?

Written by George Dodge

Most professional copywriters would say that headlines account for 80% percent of more ofrepparttar effectiveness of an ad or sales letter.

After all, it'srepparttar 108009 headline that gets your reader to stop and read further into your sales copy. Ifrepparttar 108010 headline fails, thenrepparttar 108011 entire ad or sale copy fails.

So with headline creation being of such importance, are you giving your headlinesrepparttar 108012 time and effort they are worth?

Writing good headlines is a skill that can be learned and mastered if you are willing to putrepparttar 108013 time into studying good proven moneymaking headlines.

One way of learning how to write killer headlines is to studyrepparttar 108014 masters. Readrepparttar 108015 works ofrepparttar 108016 past greats, such as Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, John Caples, David Ogilvy, and Eugene Schwartz, among others. There works are available in libraries, used book stores, and in some cases there works have been reprinted and are still available onrepparttar 108017 market.

A second method is to studyrepparttar 108018 headlines inrepparttar 108019 super market tabloids and magazines that you find nearrepparttar 108020 check out counters. Tabloids such as 'The Globe', 'The Star', and 'The National Enquirer' or magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Readers Digest, and Vanity Fair.

These publications are placed nearrepparttar 108021 cash registers for a reason. While you are standing in line waiting to check out, you scan their headlines and many people become interested and purchase these publications on impulse. Andrepparttar 108022 sell millions! They have some ofrepparttar 108023 highest circulations of any publications inrepparttar 108024 country.

So, what gets them to sell so well? Certainly notrepparttar 108025 title ofrepparttar 108026 publication! It'srepparttar 108027 headlines. They jump out at you. They get you to stop and look. They arouse your curiosity. Even if you don't buy, I'll bet on more than one occasion you've picked uprepparttar 108028 publication and scanned it for an article mentioned onrepparttar 108029 cover. I know I have.

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