Top 3 Reasons Why RSS Is Better Than Email

Written by Kent Thompson

Everyone is talking about RSS. Blogs, newsites andrepparttar like are putting those little orange RSS link thingies all over their sites. What's allrepparttar 105296 hype about?

Okay, email will always have its purpose in life. But many people are realizing that RSS is an excellent alternative to email for newsletters or other mass-distribution lists.

Here are three HUGE advantages of RSS over Email:

1) RSS is totally spam-proof.

It cannot be blocked by any spam filter no matter what! Because RSS is a web page, you simply cannot block it. I like to think of it likerepparttar 105297 difference between a telemarketer and a TV commercial.

A telemarketer can initiaterepparttar 105298 call, just like anyone can send an email. Any unwelcome message or phone call can be filtered or screened, but there is always that chance that something important will be deleted! Sorepparttar 105299 end result is that it still takes your time and effort to filter email or screen calls, and there still is no guarantee that your efforts will be 100% accurate!

A TV viewer onrepparttar 105300 other hand must turn onrepparttar 105301 TV and find a channel first, just like an RSS feed must be entered into an RSS Reader. It is totally atrepparttar 105302 viewer's discretion. If you ever get sick of a TV channel, you can change it immediately, just like you can delete an RSS Feed!

2) RSS eliminates all fear of being spammed.

Think of how many more subscribers you could have to your newsletter if your website visitors had NO FEAR about being spammed by you! People by nature do not trust yourepparttar 105303 first time they meet you, and onrepparttar 105304 internet it is even worse.

Unleash The Power Of Email Marketing

Written by Ronald Gibson

A direct mail campaign can cost you a lot of money. Contacting people via phone or voice mail can be very time-consuming and frustrating. Givenrepparttar inherent problems with these traditional marketing techniques, it`s important to masterrepparttar 105295 basic strategies for incorporating email into your overall campaign.

As I`ve just shown you, sending out an email can be much cheaper and less of a hassle than other marketing methods. Proceed with caution, however. Email can also cost you a fortune -- in lost opportunities and cold hard cash -- if you don`t knowrepparttar 105296 basics.

First, always keep in mind that your "primary objective".repparttar 105297 master key that unlocks your potential success in Internet Marketing is to build your mailing list - your email mailing list. (Often referred to as your "In-house list.").

The addresses you collect are going to meanrepparttar 105298 difference betweenrepparttar 105299 middle-of-the-road results that Average Joe and Jane are achieving andrepparttar 105300 through-the-roof, over-the-top, to-the-moon-and-back mega-success that top online sellers achieve. (The difference rcan really be that dramatic.) So don`t missrepparttar 105301 boat: There is no time likerepparttar 105302 present to start building your list of email addresses (prospects or leads).

You can begin to grow your list simply by capturing email addresses from people who visit your website.

Question: What`srepparttar 105303 easiest way to convince people to give you their email address? Answer: Offer an irresistible freebie with a sign-up form on your site or in a pop-up box, drive traffic to your site, and watch as people start entering their email address.

Okay, so now you`ve "inrepparttar 105304 groove". you`re capturing people`s emails like crazy. But if you`re just sitting there - well, you knowrepparttar 105305 old saying, "Even if you`re onrepparttar 105306 right track, you`ll get run over if you just sit there."

What next?

-- Let me take a moment from telling how to build your email list to remind you why building a list is so important. It`s been said that it is possible to make good money with an email list of only a thousand people. Think about that. Then stop thinking and get going on new ways to capture and keep email addresses.

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