Top 14 Tips for Selecting A Golf School

Written by Bud Bradley

Withrepparttar increase in number of schools for learning Golf, it has become necessary forrepparttar 150904 learner to find out a school that suits him best from allrepparttar 150905 angles. Here arerepparttar 150906 tips for selecting a Golf School:

1. Whenrepparttar 150907 institute was established and how many members they have. Since when they are into coaching. 2. What type of golf course they have? Is it 18 holes, 22 holes, 27 holes or more? 3. Do they organize tournaments regularly (a lot of learning is possible byrepparttar 150908 learner by simply watching good players)? 4. The school should have sound credentials. If possible, find out from other sources aboutrepparttar 150909 claims they make. 5. Try to getrepparttar 150910 record of accomplishment ofrepparttar 150911 schools by talking to people who either are learning there or have completedrepparttar 150912 training and now practicing there or elsewhere. 6. Get details from other such schools, make your own assessment/comparison and decide. If a school offers any guarantee,repparttar 150913 same should be crosschecked with schools. 7. Find outrepparttar 150914 details ofrepparttar 150915 program they have forrepparttar 150916 learners. What methodology they follow in coachingrepparttar 150917 students. 8. How many students have completed their training and where they are. Have they trained/produced

Plan to Succeed - As a Baseball or Softbal Coach!

Written by Coach John Peter

If it's so easy to coach youth baseball and do it well, why do you see so many poor coaches? In my years as a player and as a coach, I can tell you that my opinion of poor coaching can be simply boiled down to: A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND A LACK OF PREPARATION! Simply stated... NO Game Plan! The great news is...both can be taught and both can be learned! And please don't say that you don't haverepparttar time. You do!

Here’srepparttar 150879 math over a typical 15 week season: 10 practices of 90 minutes = 15 hours 20 games (includes exhibitions, etc.) = 40 hours Misc. phone calls of 2 hours a week = 30 hours Plus meetings, evaluation & draft, rainouts, team pictures, personal instruction, travel time, etc. Lets say that = 65 hours

Plus, who knows what I haven't added in, andrepparttar 150880 money you spend just doing these activities! You've just spent 150 hours... 10 hours per week (plus cash) on a hobby, community service, enjoying baseball, mentoring kids, or whatever your motive is for being a coach.

Get a your sanity... NOW! It will flat out save you time, not cost you time. It will reflect positively on your kids and your team's play, and as a byproduct, coaches, parents and players will see a better coach who is having a better time!

So... What does it take? 1. Interest in becoming a better coach. 2. A PLAYBOOK. A simple 3-ring binder where you can write out your practice plans on lined paper. If you write in itrepparttar 150881 night before each practice or game, you will be dedicating about 25 minutes each week (based on 2 practices/games). You will begin remembering to do it as soon as practice sessions start because you will be bringing it with you and referring to it at each practice.

Hints for your Playbook

Include allrepparttar 150882 correspondence, notes, and forms from your league or school that you find yourself collecting and passing out to your players. Keep that stuff in your new "playbook." It will easily become a habit and a central spot to refer to regularly.

Use a pencil and simply make it legible. Don't make a big deal out of this, just get it done!

Beginning in practice #2, you should always spend 10-15 minutes reviewing any new concept you might have introduced in practice #1 orrepparttar 150883 previous practice. It is a common fault (not to mention a complete waste of time) to teach your team a concept and assume that players will perform whenrepparttar 150884 time comes in a game situation just because you taught it once. And it just kills player confidence afterrepparttar 150885 play because he knew he'd been taught. But obviously, not well enough. Your error, coach! So ... What's inrepparttar 150886 binder?

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