Top 10 Tips to Promote Your Books Through Flyers

Written by Judy Cullins

A good, inexpensive way to promote your books is a flyer. What makes one flyer so much better than another? Use these tips to make yours stand out fromrepparttar crowd.

1. Include your front cover. People want to see what your book looks like. Color is great, but not necessary. Make sure your colored book cover copies well in black and white. It's far cheaper to print in black and white.

2. Hook your prospective buyers inrepparttar 124484 top line. For instance, read about SEX as it really is! Give your audience a reason to buy--Show those benefits!

3. Include some juicy excerpts. Buyers want to see a sample of your writing.

4. Include your picture with a brief biography near it. People want to see whatrepparttar 124485 author looks like. Place it onrepparttar 124486 right side if possible.

5. Add praise from others. This isrepparttar 124487 most important way to market. The praise doesn't have to be from famous people. One author added a testimonial from a convict!

Why Marketing In Magazines Is a Great Bang For Your Buck

Written by Kahlia Hannah

Finding a great way to market that is surely going to bring in some profits from new customers is tough predicament. That's where marketing in magazines comes into play.

Advertising in well known magazines has a lot of advantages. First, if people trustrepparttar magazine, they will be more likely to trustrepparttar 124483 businesses represented there. Time Magazine, for example, is highly respected publication; putting an advertisement into their pages is sure to grab some interest and give your company a good name.

It might seem a little frivolous to run an ad in a national magazine for a small company or one that can only do local business. But there is a little known secret-- most of those well known magazines run regional editions that are only distributed throughout certain areas.

Running an ad in a regional edition is cheaper than showcasing it to an entire nation. It also has greater advantages over other media sources such as newspapers. The color used inrepparttar 124484 glossy pages of a nice magazine grabs attention and really givesrepparttar 124485 product a better focus on detail than would a newspaper advertisement.

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