Top 10 Reasons to Retreat for Leaders and Managers

Written by Gala Gorman

“Your business is your BEST client.” Gala Gorman

There are so many challenges facing business these days that it seems virtually impossible to slow down long enough to plan forrepparttar future.

Months go by and you have held your own. You might pause momentarily to celebrate a success never takingrepparttar 119525 time to reflect on what happened in order to replicate what went right. Problems are treated with a band-aid approach so that everyone involved can just get on torepparttar 119526 pressing issues at hand. You can count onrepparttar 119527 problem reoccurring – possibly with a different face and in a different place – because there was no time made to get torepparttar 119528 root cause that maderepparttar 119529 environment ripe forrepparttar 119530 problem to surface originally.

There is a different way of managing your business…a way to capture what works making it available for future benefit and a way to minerepparttar 119531 opportunity available when problems occur to maximize your return on investment (the involuntary investment you’ve already made through experiencingrepparttar 119532 problem or mistake). The retreat is a great way to prioritize, and intentionally manage, your business.

The retreat createsrepparttar 119533 stage for working on your business in contrast to your day to day efforts working in your business. Retreats can be as short as an afternoon or extend for several days. They can focus on a single issue or be structured to address many concerns. Certainly, whetherrepparttar 119534 retreat takes place inrepparttar 119535 company conference room or at a resort far fromrepparttar 119536 office, it can be an experience that forever altersrepparttar 119537 way you approach your business.

One ofrepparttar 119538 primary issues of concern in any organization is ensuring that every area or department is working in alignment withrepparttar 119539 vision, mission and values. Goals and objectives are more easily reached when there is a synergy amongstrepparttar 119540 organization’s leadership. Participating in a well-planned retreat can help to create that synergy.

I have shared what I believe arerepparttar 119541 Top 10 reasons to schedule your retreat sooner rather than later. If you’re still wondering if a retreat is worthrepparttar 119542 investment, considerrepparttar 119543 following reasons (and feel free to add some of your own).

1.Define your vision. Most leaders have a vision for their organization. In many cases though, its pretty fuzzy. In order to effectively communicate your vision and getrepparttar 119544 “buy-in” necessary to realize it, you need to bring it into clear focus. Just schedulingrepparttar 119545 retreat will guarantee thatrepparttar 119546 vision becomesrepparttar 119547 mechanism to alignrepparttar 119548 activities ofrepparttar 119549 organization.

2.Commit to goals. With a clear vision and purpose, goals can be established that providerepparttar 119550 road map to be used when implementing plans. The organization’s goals won’t mean much unlessrepparttar 119551 responsibility for achieving them is filtered through torepparttar 119552 individual(s) that will be tasked with taking action. Commitment to a goal requires taking ownership andrepparttar 119553 retreat provides a place for that to happen. 3.Manage your reputation. Your reputation is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Effectively managing that reputation requires an understanding of howrepparttar 119554 reputation was built and how it is best maintained or enhanced. The organization that isn’t prepared to deal with a challenging situation can have their good reputation tarnished beyond repair literally overnight.

4.Replicate your best practices. Every organization can site experiences where everything seemed to go right. Allrepparttar 119555 planning and training paid off and things fell into place. It is important to capture those moments of brilliance and dissect them so that they can be replicated. Successful organizations know what they do best and focus their efforts where they know they shine.

Develop Your Managers and Keep Your Staff

Written by Lorraine Pirihi

Following on fromrepparttar last edition of The Organised Times where we spoke about developingrepparttar 119524 people in your business, this week we're focussing onrepparttar 119525 importance ofrepparttar 119526 continual development of your managers.

Leadership comes fromrepparttar 119527 top down. Poor management skills isrepparttar 119528 cause of most employee dissatisfaction and results in their poor performance.

The following article by Nathan Chanesman from My Profile is worthwhile reading:

Poor management skills lead to poor employee performance It's disheartening to read that poor management skills isrepparttar 119529 cause of most business dissatisfaction. You'd think that with allrepparttar 119530 training and investment that has gone into this topic that we'd learnt by now to get it right.

Employees have lost trust inrepparttar 119531 companies they work for Kelly Services Survey published in October last year indicated that 47% of Australian employees believe "that companies do not have their best interests at heart".

Dissatisfaction seems to berepparttar 119532 order ofrepparttar 119533 day. 50% of Australia's workforce want to quit it's job and nearly 40% reported that they often "woke up inrepparttar 119534 morning not willing to facerepparttar 119535 day".

SEEK,repparttar 119536 online job board survey of October 2003 reported that 75% of employees questioned are not happy with their current job.

Asked what they liked most about their job 51% said "the people I work with". And what did they hate most? 60% said "the quality of management". Not surprising, dissatisfaction with management increased as people got older.

The Solutions

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