Top 10 Reasons WHY RSS Autoresponders Are Becoming A Permission Email Marketers BEST Friend

Written by Cory Threlfall

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IS Permission Email Marketing In Trouble?

Withrepparttar rising concern of Spam Filters/Blockers, Blacklisting, Bounce Backs and CAN-SPAM Act laws, email is sadly becoming a VERY unrealible vehicle to deliver your marketing messages to your customers, Therefore, resulting in "Time Wasted" and "Loss Of Profits".

IS there a solution to this never ending concern for Permission Email Marketers?

You bet there is.

There called... "RSS Autoresponders".

You read right, RSS autoresponders.

They've now takenrepparttar 139825 newest technology (RSS - Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication) that hitrepparttar 139826 net and turned it into a permission email marketers dream come true.

And...repparttar 139827 cool thing about RSS autoresponders is they work much like a traditional email autoresponders, just with a few different features and benefits.

Time is something I value dearly, as I'm sure you do as well, especially when you work so hard on a email to your subscribers, I would think you would want to make sure it reaches them.

So... forrepparttar 139828 rest of this article I'm going to give you the...

Top 10 Reasons WHY "RSS Autoresponders" Are Becoming A Permission Email Marketers BEST Friend

... and WHY you should Seriously considerrepparttar 139829 switch if your a Permission Email Marketer.

The Internet is changing, so we must change with it.

So, with that said, lets get down to business by going torepparttar 139830 first and my MOST favorite reason.

Reason #1. 100% delivery rate of your messages.

This is probablyrepparttar 139831 single most BIGGEST benefit you'll receive by using an RSS autoresponder is getting 100% of your marketing messages infront of your prospects and/or existing customers.

Reason #2. Blacklisting isrepparttar 139832 thing ofrepparttar 139833 past.

Never worry about being Blacklisted again because of someone else using your shared server and sending SPAM emails through it and getting you Blacklisted asrepparttar 139834 end result.

Reason #3. Forget CAN-SPAM and Email Laws.

You can now forget about allrepparttar 139835 email laws and CAN-SPAM because now they no longer apply to you because you are no longer an email publisher, your a RSS publisher.

There's a BIG difference.

Reason #4. Subscribers can Opt-In via web forms or links.

This is a critical feature to have with RSS autoresponders because it will allow an easy switch by simply replacing your email web forms with RSS web forms on your website/s.

Plus, this will make sure there won't be any confusion for your potential subscribers with some new Opt-In method.

Reason #5. Personalize your out-going messages.

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