Top 10 Male Turn Ons

Written by Marisa Pellegrino

It is an undeniable fact that a man is powerless torepparttar charms of a beautiful woman. All men, however, have a different definition of beauty. Regardless of how a man defines what he finds attractive in a woman, there are several common male turn ons that all men would agree to. The following is a list ofrepparttar 150547 top ten male turn ons:

1. Women who leave something torepparttar 150548 imagination As unbelievable as it sounds, men often prefer to be teased with a little taste of what is to come. This would include a woman who dresses to show a little skin, but not too much. For example, a female who offersrepparttar 150549 slight glimpse of a thong or a bra strap is often more seductive than one who is scantily clad. Women who maintain a certain degree of class are always more attractive to men than women who openly share all their secrets!

2. She is not afraid to admit that she loves sex There is nothing wrong with enjoyingrepparttar 150550 act of sex, and there are fewer things more attractive to a man than a woman who can admit this! Many men have a major obsession with sex, so a sexually confident woman with a healthy sex drive is a big turn on for them.

3. She has a strong sense of self-esteem It is said thatrepparttar 150551 dream of all men is to have a woman at his beck and call; au contraire, most men are looking for a woman who can think for herself. Men are hugely turned on by a woman who believes in herself and hasrepparttar 150552 confidence to speak her mind. Men tire easily of women who constantly need to be reassured. A woman with self-esteem is more challenging and keeps men on their toes!

4. She knows how to talk dirty It may sound cliché, but men love it when a woman talks dirty! For men, hearing a woman describe what she wants sexually is a turn on. Women who effortlessly talk dirty are exciting and holdrepparttar 150553 promise of amazing sex.

Top Ten Female Turn Ons

Written by Marisa Pellegrino

When it comes to sexual turn ons, men and women are very different. It is not a myth that women are attracted to a man who is comfortable with his emotions. It is also true that many women are onrepparttar hunt for an attractive man who knows how to treat a lady right! The following is a list ofrepparttar 150525 top ten female turn ons gathered from hours spent listening to women tell it like it is.

1. A man who can make you feel like a woman For many women, respect isrepparttar 150526 number one thing that they look for in a man. Not only is it a prerequisite, it is also a big turn on! A man who respects a woman and appreciates her for who she is hasrepparttar 150527 power to make her weak inrepparttar 150528 knees.

2. A man who is not afraid to take charge Women like strength and not just physical strength. Women like to think that their man can take charge of any situation. Giving a woman a feeling of protection is endearing as well as arousing.

3. A man who can be dominated All relationships involve a power dynamic. A man can be strong with his woman, but must also be able to surrender some of that power. A woman likes to take control sometimes and feels sexy when a man is ready and willing to respond to all her demands.

4. A man with a sensitive side Contrary to popular belief, women are not looking for a man who wants to talk about his emotions constantly. Sensitivity is a good thing but more important is to be emotionally well-balanced. One ofrepparttar 150529 biggest female turn ons is having a man who is not afraid to show his emotions.

5. A man who can hold his own A man who is unable to take care of himself turns women off! Being self-sufficient reassures a woman that she will not have to handle everything in a relationship. Men who are overly dependent are perceived as weak and that is not an attractive quality!

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