Top-notch Performance Headers now on sale at Inner Auto

Written by Terry Brown

Are you tired of your engine's performance? Headers are one ofrepparttar easiest bolt-on accessories you can use to improve an engine's performance. Headers make it easier forrepparttar 149861 engine to push exhaust gases out ofrepparttar 149862 cylinders. The idea behind an exhaust header is to eliminaterepparttar 149863 manifold's backpressure. Each cylinder gets its own exhaust pipe, instead of a common manifold that all ofrepparttar 149864 cylinders share.

Boost performance and drivability in your vehicle with high quality, durable Inner Auto Headers Exhaust. Mileage will improve as your engine becomes more fuel-efficient. The outstanding features built into every Mercedes Benz Headers Exhaust of Inner Auto deliversrepparttar 149865 ultimate in quality and performance. High-grade bolts and washers, top quality gaskets made to Hooker's specifications, adapters, extensions and brackets are included inrepparttar 149866 package. It includes all hardware plus instructions for a direct fit, trouble-free installation.

Do not let your exhaust rob your engine of power. Inner Auto's High performance Mercedes Benz Headers Exhaust systems use headers; big tail pipes and free-flowing mufflers to eliminate backpressure in your vehicles’ exhaust system. Inner Auto's unbeatable price on Mercedes Benz headers exhaust isrepparttar 149867 envy of competitors. No wonder our repeat customers keep coming. Right now you are inrepparttar 149868 exact website that our satisfied customers have gone into. We have our secured online store to choose your needed headed exhaust from.

Honda Turbochargers at Inner Auto: Excellent Quality at a Low Price

Written by Terry Brown

A turbo is an ingenious little design that harnessesrepparttar wasted kinetic energy we dump out throughrepparttar 149860 exhaust system force more air intorepparttar 149861 engine. A turbo can be a simpler, more compact way to add power, especially for an aftermarket accessory. The basic turbo system comes withrepparttar 149862 turbo, exhaust manifold for turbo, waste gate, blow-off valve (bypass valve), lines for oil supply and return andrepparttar 149863 intercooler, which is optional.

Your Honda's turbocharger is ultimatelyrepparttar 149864 most powerful of all forced induction systems. While turbo charging a Honda car motor increasesrepparttar 149865 amount of air that can be flowed into it, it has a negative effect on how easily we can flow it back out again. This weakens positive pressure difference between these two fundamental sides ofrepparttar 149866 engine, and causes both cam timing & exhaust system design to become extremely important to producing more power.

An area ofrepparttar 149867 turbo acts as an insulator fromrepparttar 149868 exhaust heat to keeprepparttar 149869 intake air compressor side as cool as possible. Keepingrepparttar 149870 intake air cool increases power since more air molecules enterrepparttar 149871 cylinders at a given pressure. Yet in most current forms of racing whererepparttar 149872 rules do not prohibitrepparttar 149873 use of turbo or slap restrictions on their use,repparttar 149874 turbo reigns supreme in terms of engine power output.

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