Tools Of The Speaking Trade

Written by Burt Dubin

Wireless Mike, overheads or slides, laser pointer, excellent handout materials -- these are some ofrepparttar tools ofrepparttar 125569 speaking trade.

Are theyrepparttar 125570 most meaningful tools in your toolbox? I think not. Yes, they matter. They matter a lot, as do other implements. But they're notrepparttar 125571 most meaningful tools. The 7 most meaningful tools of our trade, tools that help you get more bookings at higher fees, are these...

1. Your empathy:

Your empathy forrepparttar 125572 concerns ofrepparttar 125573 decision-maker who hired you, forrepparttar 125574 interests ofrepparttar 125575 organization paying your fee, forrepparttar 125576 needs and wants, hungers, longings and fears of your audience members.

2. Your attitude:

Are you there to make a dollar or to make a difference? Are you delivering your standard program much like what you delivered yesterday somewhere else? Or do you gorepparttar 125577 extra mile researching this organization, this industry,repparttar 125578 trends affecting this field now, and so forth? Do you interview outside industry experts and key executives within this organization -- and, most important, some ofrepparttar 125579 lower echelon folks who are to be present? Do you ask deep questions aboutrepparttar 125580 core issues interesting each of these constituencies? Then, do you probe further for emotional issues that may affectrepparttar 125581 whole direction of your program?

3. Your program design:

Do you weave your insights and findings into a tapestry of wisdom and hope, of ideas and guidelines, of recommended actions? Do you share new information, AHAs born during your research for this event? Are you a conceptual artist -- like Michelangelo paintingrepparttar 125582 Sistine Chapel ceiling -- i.e. do you interlace and clarify what others find hazy untilrepparttar 125583 moment you speak? (Do you makerepparttar 125584 ephemeral visible?) Do you articulate palpable words and images so those present better understand -- and know how to deal with --repparttar 125585 goings-on in their world now?

How To Make Yourself a Successful One-of-a-kind Resouce in Your Industry

Written by Burt Dubin

A touch of background first: A successful, journeyman level speaker, serving associations and corporations, I routinely received fees of $3000 to $5000-6000 for 1 to 3 hours of programs. I got 1 or 2 bookings a week.

What does this mean to you: Start by being truly outstanding at what you do. Build a solid foundation. Stand out from all others. Be unique and unduplicable.

Then, take these actions:

Action 1.:

Marketrepparttar outcome of your services, and notrepparttar 125568 services themselves. (I marketed success inrepparttar 125569 business of speaking. Nobody else did that).

Marketrepparttar 125570 results of your work, notrepparttar 125571 work itself.

Action 2.

Give a money back Guarantee of success. In writing. With teeth. (The first few years, I gave back some money. Since 1995 nobody has legitimately requested their money back.)

Give a real money-back Guarantee.

Action 3.

Don't allow scoundrels to get at you. Make your Guarantee conditional upon specific performance byrepparttar 125572 other person. ( Mine is simple. " Do what I guide you to do and document to me that you have done so." That's all.)

Protect yourself from scoundrels.

Action 4.

Do exhaustive research. Spare no expense. Make yourselfrepparttar 125573 very best on earth at what you do. Do more that is required. Do more than is expected. Do more that anyone in their right mind would do.

Berepparttar 125574 best,repparttar 125575 very best at what you do.

Action 5.

Stimulate referrals. Let your clients or customers know they are rewarded for referring folks who invest in what you offer. Give appropriate gifts, depending onrepparttar 125576 size ofrepparttar 125577 ticket. My product is $4000 to $6700. I give a choice of gifts, $300 in cash. $300 to their favorite charity in their name. $300 in products.

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