Too much to do in so little time

Written by Kenia Morales

Are you feeling swamp or overwhelm with work, school, chores etc.? Do you feel paralyze or do not know where to start? These symptoms can be a signal of anxiety, or stress. These problems usually emerge when people are tired or have too many tasks to handle at once. You can solve this problem by taking a break. You will learn that stepping away fromrepparttar situation or problem can help clear your head. Once you come back to your routine you will feel more focused and energized. Therefore, you will perform more effectively.

Here are some tips that can help you release stress in no time.

• Go drink a cup of coffee, tea etc. •Take a nap- When you feel exhausted, take a nap. When you wake up you will feel energize. •Pamper yourself- Take a hot bath, get a pedicure, fix hair etc. and come back feeling and looking better.

How to make relationships work

Written by Johann Erickson

The keys ingredients to a healthy relationship are respect, love, trust, individuality, patience, compromise, setting goals as a couple, and intimacy.

1. Respect is a two way street, you must respect your partner if you want them to respect you. Respect their thoughts, dreams, ambitions and their alone time. Treat them as you would want them to treat you when you discuss their ambitions or just their hobbies.

2. Love is one of those emotions that many people can turn on and off on a whim. If you are one of those type people, then your relationships will never go far. When you really love someone you take care to pay attention to their desires and their needs. If you turn off your love when your partner does not agree with you, then you are not acting out of love but out of selfishness. Selfishness does not belong in a relationship. When you become partners you should be one. That does not mean thatrepparttar other person will always agree, but you should be able to see their point of view and work throughrepparttar 137959 situation in a loving manner.

3. Trustrepparttar 137960 person that you have chosen to spendrepparttar 137961 rest of your life with. If you are always questioning their whereabouts or their motives, they will soon not want to come home and be put underrepparttar 137962 microscope.

4. Let them be themselves. Individuality is very important for each person to attain. Just because they are your partner does not mean that you were joined atrepparttar 137963 hip on your wedding day. Let your spouse go play golf, go shopping or enjoy other hobbies that make this personrepparttar 137964 one that you fell in love with. If you take away their individuality, they will no longer be that person, but someone you have molded them into. They will become unhappy and so will you.

5. Patience is one ingredient that many couple seems to ignore. But, you are beginning a life together. You both have your own little habits that may annoy one another, but if you have patience and discuss these annoying habits you both will be able to overcome and share your life together. We all grow in a relationship and growing means change, have patience with each other as your marriage or relationship blossoms and grows.

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