Too Many Chiefs

Written by Dan Reinhold

Too Many Chiefs by Dan Reinhold

When you start working at home, you holdrepparttar sincere belief that you're working for yourself, your own boss, etc., etc.

Reality check!

You just get more bosses. Being at home is being...available.

Your "spouse" (Whatever you call them, they're all spouses - See my article entitled Spouses), your kids, your pets, all life forms within a 100 mile radius suddenly have things they'd like you to do.

Go here, pick up this, sponsor that, lead this, fix/build this, play that.

A little different thanrepparttar 117329 old workplace, huh?

"Now, Milquetoast, your next project is..." "Wait! My turn at boss!! Honey, could you just rebuildrepparttar 117330 kids' bedroom from scratch today? Thanks!!"

"Yoohoo! The school is counting on you forrepparttar 117331 festival next week. Shall I put you down for say...50 hours???" "

Why You Need A Business Plan!

Written by BB Lee

Why You Need A Business Plan BB Lee (C) 2003

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A business plan is critical torepparttar success of your business. Despite this many business owners delay or do not takerepparttar 117328 time to draw up a well thought out business plan.

Consider This! Successful business owners knowrepparttar 117329 majority of their good fortune is due to writing a well defined business plan. A good business plan is like a blueprint torepparttar 117330 foundation of your business venture. Without strong support/planning your business will crumble and fall flat as a pancake.

Purpose Of A Good Business Plan!

A business plan will helprepparttar 117331 owner ofrepparttar 117332 new business determine ifrepparttar 117333 idea is feasible and profitable inrepparttar 117334 long run.

A business plan is an important factor in raising capital from investors or in applying for a loan from lending institutions.

A business plan will show lenders that you are a careful and an organized planner, important character traits for any successful entrepreneur.

A business plan helps to checkrepparttar 117335 growth ofrepparttar 117336 business and determine if you are reaching your forecasted goals on schedule.

A business plan will help you to clarify your own thoughts aboutrepparttar 117337 business, who you are, who your best customers are, where your strengths and weaknesses are.

According to leading business plan experts, an effective plan will contain:

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