Too Good to Be True??

Written by Nicole Seekely

Let's face it, not all people are good. I know what you must be thinking, "What a pesimistic person you are!" However, there are some facts of life we all just have to deal with. There are people out there who want to scam you, spam you, or do whatever they can so that they can make a profit.

I've been inrepparttar internet world for many years. I've learned gradually over time how to tellrepparttar 119082 difference between when something's true and when it's not. Here's a run-down of things to watch for onrepparttar 119083 'net when signing up for free stuff.

*!*! WEB SITE ADDRESS *!*! If you're signing up for a freebie that's located on a page withrepparttar 119084 address of, chances are you're wasting your time. If they can't even afford to buy their own domain name, how can they afford to produce and ship thousands of freebies?

*!*! WEB SITE DESIGN *!*! This is just my personal opinion (of course, this whole article is) and you many not agree with me. When a page has no design or layout or color, but just some text in a really big font saying "SIGN UP NOW!!",repparttar 119085 freebie doesn't look too promising or reliable. It seems to me as though they've slapped a bunch of text onrepparttar 119086 page in two seconds, and they are trying to get your e-mail address so they can spam you.

*!*! COMPANY NAME *!*! I look for this one a lot. If it's a brand name such as Revlon, Pantene, Sprite, Yoo-Hoo, etc.., I usually quickly sign up forrepparttar 119087 offer. These companies are very reliable and trustworthy, and would almost never try and scam you. If it's a company name you've never heard of, well that doesn't mean they're bad people. It just means you should sign up with caution.

Thump, Thump... Opportunity Knocks

Written by Joe Chapuis

According to research firm Ipso-Reid, an estimated 400 hundred million people userepparttar web daily .

So you must be wondering, "what aboutrepparttar 119081 other few billion people out there?"

They "...have neither heard ofrepparttar 119082 Internet nor have any intention of going online anytime soon. Even in countries such asrepparttar 119083 United States, Canada, Sweden, andrepparttar 119084 Netherlands, about one-third of people who could userepparttar 119085 Internet choose not to. In fact, ofrepparttar 119086 world’s 6 billion citizens, only about 6% are online. Why?"

According torepparttar 119087 report, their are two main reasons: 1 - those that can, don't want to (in developed countries); and, 2 -repparttar 119088 rest, can't.

Now here'srepparttar 119089 interesting part. For those in group 1:

"...the most frequently mentioned reasons for staying offline are "have no need forrepparttar 119090 Internet" (40%), "no computer" (33%), "no interest" (25%), "don’t know how to use it" (16%), "cost" (12%), or "no time" (10%)."

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