Tom Cruise is Right?

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

I had probably heard aboutrepparttar Hangar on Wright Patterson AFB where President Nixon was refused entry even before I arrived in Dayton but being a skeptic I figured it was too fantastic and I don’t fully believe anything anyway. I still am not sure thatrepparttar 146948 UFO occurrences are as much to do with alien species as they are people who came from earth.

A scientist who had worked at Wright Pat later went public and was plausibly denied inrepparttar 146949 official manner. Recently I saw a credible woman on TV who had worked there and had direct access to good evidence. After over 40 years inrepparttar 146950 Canadian Militia and time withrepparttar 146951 New York Guard my brother Maj. R.J. Baird, C.D., P. Eng., C.I.M., etc. was initiated into a secret police organization/club that has members of most top secret alphabet soup agencies. At Wright Pat he was allowed one question. His question related torepparttar 146952 contents ofrepparttar 146953 Hangar. The response was: ‘We think you already know.’

The Congressional panels are still up inrepparttar 146954 air over what happened at Roswell and Jimmy Carter (who has publicly said he witnessed a UFO) said he would re-openrepparttar 146955 files, but once in office, he didn’t succeed in getting them opened. If you were to know what radiosondes really were doing you might think aliens wererepparttar 146956 better option. In order to fairly treatrepparttar 146957 subject it requires at least an article of its own but let me briefly state Wilhelm Reich is vital torepparttar 146958 matter. His Orgone Energy is likerepparttar 146959 Newtonian cosmic ether and he was a student of Sigmund Freud just like Silberer who wrote a book on alchemic symbols even before Jung. His technology and person were abused by Federal Agents who later used his work inrepparttar 146960 radiosondes. They were able to changerepparttar 146961 weather just likerepparttar 146962 Druids.

But there is good evidence of more than radiosondes from Roswell and my second wife’s uncle flew forrepparttar 146963 DEA after Vietnam. He said he knewrepparttar 146964 pilot who flewrepparttar 146965 remains of Roswell from Atlanta to Wright Pat. We all lived in Lost Wages (Sin City, etc.) and knew people who worked atrepparttar 146966 non-existent Groom Lake AFB or had seen Lazar on Showtime’s TV special so nothing would surprise any of us. The symbols ofrepparttar 146967 government inspire awe in those who ‘believe’ butrepparttar 146968 mathematical realities of life existent throughoutrepparttar 146969 universe impress me more.

Christ Consciousness andrepparttar 146970 Desert in Harmony:

Norm Paulsen is one of your crazy Californians who seem most sane to me. He wroterepparttar 146971 book Christ Consciousness first published in 1980 underrepparttar 146972 name Sunburst: Return ofrepparttar 146973 Ancients.

“’My Lord! There it is, finally. Wake up, everybody!’ I yelled. There’s a ship right onrepparttar 146974 rock!’

I could hear a heavy pulsating hum echo offrepparttar 146975 rocky cliffs and fillrepparttar 146976 immediate area with sound. {Harmonics is a vital science seldom taken as seriously as it should be. It can explain much aboutrepparttar 146977 inter-relationship of forces inrepparttar 146978 field of Physics as one might imagine given that String Theory says all energy is formed from one-dimensional harmonic forces.} I yelled again at Boone but received no response. I continued yelling as loud as I could hoping someone would hear me.

That was a mistake! An incredibly bright and piercing light struck me full inrepparttar 146979 face. It emanated fromrepparttar 146980 side ofrepparttar 146981 brilliantly lit hull which I could now see very clearly. That was it! The next thing I became aware of wasrepparttar 146982 sun shining in my face as it rose inrepparttar 146983 east acrossrepparttar 146984 desert. Looking down, I saw that I was half out of my sleeping bag. Then I began to remember what had happened. The intelligence guidingrepparttar 146985 vehicle evidently did not want to be seen by everyone. I had been put to sleep right inrepparttar 146986 middle of trying to get out of my sleeping bag.

I looked over to Daniel. ‘Hey, Boone, did you see it? Were you able to see that ship last night?’

‘No, Brother. I heard you yelling, but when I looked up, nothing was there. I remember hearing a pulsating roar though.’”

Bruce Cathie is a good source for graspingrepparttar 146987 universal harmonic of light which is part ofrepparttar 146988 basic fabric of our consciousness. That is whyrepparttar 146989 highest illumination and NDEs are often accompanied by white light and how things travel at faster than light speed through what is naively called ESP. Near Minneola Rd. between Baker and Barstow there are some mountains that became my friends as I learned aboutrepparttar 146990 ‘amber rays’ that connect all energy from Castaneda and was involved with an adept who developed a mountain climbing sutra.

The center ofrepparttar 146991 universe as we can visualizerepparttar 146992 known or non-parallel dimensions aside fromrepparttar 146993 warp and woof of matter to anti-matter (both of which can co-exist) despiterepparttar 146994 once considered impossibility of this reality. I personally can conceive there have been adepts like Mahiri Lahasi or Vivekananda who did whatrepparttar 146995 earlier Druids did. My above mentioned adept took me to one ofrepparttar 146996 dimensions she went to when she dematerialized. The scientists say Dark Energy and Dark Matter forms 95% ofrepparttar 146997 universe whereasrepparttar 146998 Eastern mystics might call it ‘shakti’ and it is full of ‘siddhis’ or power.

Minneola Rd. Meeting With a Back Engineer:

Despiterepparttar 146999 high standing of Louis Leakey he was savaged and ridiculed as he went to his grave maintainingrepparttar 147000 truth he found here. Geologist Virginia Steen-McIntyre can confirm crucifixions still occur as she provided ample and archaeologically sound evidence of 250,000 year old people in Hueyatlaco, Mexico. No wonderrepparttar 147001 Kennewick Man site was covered over and destroyed while 60 Minutes couldn’t find out who authorizedrepparttar 147002 deed that took placerepparttar 147003 day before a Congressional Bill was to take effect.

There is a good chance that humans colonized space many eons ago. The timeline of technological development that we have been taught sincerepparttar 147004 days ofrepparttar 147005 Flat Earth is absolutely false. How couldrepparttar 147006 Pyramid at Giza be atrepparttar 147007 center ofrepparttar 147008 earth’s land mass if world travel wasn’t very accurate? The Hadji Ahmed map confirms whatrepparttar 147009 Ark ofrepparttar 147010 Covenant really was used for. It was an arc transmitter.

Inrepparttar 147011 early evening near sunset I was returning home from Southern California in 1996 in my 1994 Olds Cutlass. Just past Minneola Rd.repparttar 147012 engine stopped without warning or reason andrepparttar 147013 car coasted torepparttar 147014 top of a seldom used off-ramp probably built for military purposes. There are many bases inrepparttar 147015 desert nearby including some near where Mr. Paulsen had his experiences south of Minneola Rd. After failing to get any response fromrepparttar 147016 car I was inrepparttar 147017 process of putting my foot onrepparttar 147018 ground when a small car pulled up beside me. He had come out ofrepparttar 147019 desert and was an electronics expert. It took some time to get torepparttar 147020 point where he was able to say some things and know I both understood and was conversant with his knowledge.

He had worked in black ops at Tonopah AFB north of Area 51 as a back engineer on alien technology. That does not mean extraterrestrials are involved because people from earth may have been to other planets forrepparttar 147021 last 10,000 years. There is an even more relevant point that explains all these things. Time Travel is real. Today’s attitude as discussed byrepparttar 147022 likes of Stephen Hawking says particle or simple matter can travel through time but complex systems will never do this. That word ‘never’ is a joke. Last yearrepparttar 147023 speed of light was blown offrepparttar 147024 horizon of ignorance when NEC produced 300X light speed and this is key to Time Travel and all paranormal reality. I had talked at length withrepparttar 147025 Vice President of Research Engineering at McDonnell Douglas a year or two before this meeting. I have been project manager on alternative ISDN technology development and though a technosimp I am able to extendrepparttar 147026 envelope ofrepparttar 147027 researchers in most fields of science. The conversation was electrifying.

Acting Your Reason

Written by Brittney L Dunn

As an actor, you must be open. There is no one-way to act. Basically, you will have to read, observe, learn, and gain knowledge in several different approaches, and then you may pick and choose what you like and come up with your own method, that will work for you.

However, you can make one definite decision now. What are you in it for? If you are in it forrepparttar love, chances are you will have greater odds of success.

But, if you are in it for other reasons, (fame, money, etc.) you may not have as strong of a chance, becauserepparttar 146838 passion is not there.

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