To the Citizens of Kansas

Written by Gary R. Hess

This coming election is far more important torepparttar way our country is run than any other overrepparttar 125966 past decade. The focus ofrepparttar 125967 media has mainly been onrepparttar 125968 most important ofrepparttar 125969 races,repparttar 125970 Presidential; however house and senate members are being voted on as well.

This election may either make or breakrepparttar 125971 Democrats. They may loserepparttar 125972 Senate as well as lose more seats inrepparttar 125973 house or gain seats inrepparttar 125974 Senate and Reps. Ifrepparttar 125975 latter isrepparttar 125976 case, many great things will happen forrepparttar 125977 party. The course ofrepparttar 125978 country could very well change andrepparttar 125979 economy be put back on track. Inrepparttar 125980 other case, which seems to be more likely sincerepparttar 125981 last redistricting was under Republican control,repparttar 125982 Democrats will not be able to get anything accomplished. Their bills will be filibustered and their say in both houses will be diminished if at all even present.

Kansas shows a bright spot in allrepparttar 125983 madness surroundingrepparttar 125984 party. Inrepparttar 125985 Second District Rep. Jim Ryun’s seat is in trouble. A lady byrepparttar 125986 name of Nancy Boyda is putting a fight forrepparttar 125987 position. She broke several records for funds by a Democrat inrepparttar 125988 second district. Her views are that of a Moderate Democrat however she is viewed as having great values and will respect and listen torepparttar 125989 voters ofrepparttar 125990 state.

Bush vs. Kerry -- Negative Campaigning

Written by Gary R. Hess

Asrepparttar presidential race hits full throttle, so dorepparttar 125965 smear campaigns. Negative ads are becoming more important to each parties race as time goes on, it is degrading. This is starting to feel like hatred isrepparttar 125966 only way either opponent believes they can win. The two major parties have been spitting and clawing at each other sincerepparttar 125967 end ofrepparttar 125968 primaries.

I am a Democrat (actually farther left, but forrepparttar 125969 sake of voting I am a Democrat), but I still feel saddened byrepparttar 125970 wayrepparttar 125971 election is being held by Kerry. Duringrepparttar 125972 DNC, Democratic National Convention, John Kerry said that he is tired ofrepparttar 125973 negative campaigning and will run a full legitimate campaign forrepparttar 125974 rest ofrepparttar 125975 way. Then later inrepparttar 125976 speech started to talk negatively about Bush, how can this be? Not only are his words degrading, but his whole attitude towardsrepparttar 125977 election is. Indeed he does have to defend himself against such things being thrown at him fromrepparttar 125978 opposite side, but he does not need to throw ammunition intorepparttar 125979 smoking gun.

Onrepparttar 125980 other hand Bush’s boys are definitely not angels. Even beforerepparttar 125981 Democratic Primaries hit main stream Bush was calling out Kerry asrepparttar 125982 winner and bashing him. Not only that, he as well as Dick Cheney have down graded Kerry’s efforts during Vietnam and his voting record.

Kerry’s medical records show that he was shot as well as had grenade shrapnel lodged inside his leg from a blast duringrepparttar 125983 Vietnam War. How can someone call Kerry unworthy of a Purple Heart when something like this happens? Nonerepparttar 125984 less – if he did not get shot or had any medals or shrapnel in his leg, he still served forrepparttar 125985 United States in time of war. He should not be penalized thirty five years later, especially while his opponent was no where to be found duringrepparttar 125986 same war.

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