To Those who take Advantage of Tradgedy

Written by Ieuan Dolby

Yesterday, London was hit by a series of explosions torepparttar transport system. A number of people have lost their lives and there are numerous wounded. This barbaric act, another one in this mad world of ours, has hit hard – none more so thanrepparttar 148286 Londoner andrepparttar 148287 Brit.

I called my mother yesterday, checked that all was okay. I didrepparttar 148288 normal things in life during such times, I worried and checked. This morning I switched onrepparttar 148289 news, CNN are calling it “Terror in London” – a catchy title! It looks like they are giving it twenty-four hour coverage! But it was when I switched on my computer to pick uprepparttar 148290 mornings emails, I realized that so many people in this world are supersonic fast in benefiting themselves through tragedy! One ofrepparttar 148291 emails that I received was from an Immigration Consultancy Firm in Canada called ACIC andrepparttar 148292 email was signed by a Russell Monsurate. He said: To everyone we have come to know at ACIC: We would like to express our sorrow and sympathy for those who have just experienced a very barbaric and unprovoked attack in London this morning, July 7, 2005. This was an attack not just onrepparttar 148293 United Kingdom, but onrepparttar 148294 civilized people ofrepparttar 148295 world. As Canadians we hope we speak for our country when we say our support is with those who are suffering through this trying time and withrepparttar 148296 government of Britain in their investigation into this matter. Inrepparttar 148297 end justice will prevail. I live in Taiwan. I am from Scotland; I have not been home for nearly three years! I recall inrepparttar 148298 dim past that I once hadrepparttar 148299 idea of moving to Canada and that I filled out an application form for ACIC but I am sure that nobody atrepparttar 148300 firm ever came close to “knowing me”! Why would anybody on this planet want to send me an unsolicited email likerepparttar 148301 one above? It is neitherrepparttar 148302 time nor place for Canadian Immigration Lawyers to send spam like emails whenrepparttar 148303 British are trying to cope and return to life as they once knew it!

Identity Theft - 7 Warning Signs

Written by S. Terry

Concerns regarding personal Identity Theft are growing stronger as more announcements are made regarding compromised databases and files from credit card companies and financial institutions.

It is even more alarming when you realize how simple it is for someone to steal your identity and ruin your credit.

Here are a 7 Red Flags to watch for that could signal an identity theft attempt:

1. You are not receiving your mail - including utility bills, credit card statements, magazine subscriptions. Know when your financial statements are normally delivered and contactrepparttar company involved if you don't receive them. Someone may be stealing mail from your mailbox or has successfully forwarded your mail to another address. Contactrepparttar 147737 post office to see if a change of address or a forward mail request has been flagged for your mail.

2. You notice charges on your credit card statements that you have not made. Contactrepparttar 147738 credit card company immediately, an identity thief may be using your credit card number.

3. Withdrawls made from your bank account that you haven't made (both small and large amounts). Someone may have compromised your debit card or duplicated your checks. Contact your bank immediately.

4. You receive credit card statements from companies that you do not use. Contact that financial instituation immediately as someone may have been successfully approved for a credit card with your information.

5. Credit denial letters from financial institutions that you did not apply for. Someone may be applying for credit cards, loans or lines of credit in your name. Contactrepparttar 147739 financial institution immediately for more information.

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