To Taste is to Know

Written by Terry Dashner

To Taste is to know?

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Robert J. Hastings writes, “How does one understand sugar? I suppose he could do tremendous research onrepparttar subject and become quite an authority. He could write volumes onrepparttar 144761 history of sugar, where and how it is grown, how it is refined,repparttar 144762 various sugar products,repparttar 144763 number of people employed in sugar-related industries,repparttar 144764 tonnage produced, its economic value, and on and on.

“Or, one could go intorepparttar 144765 laboratory and study its chemical makeup, becoming fluent in ‘sweet’ scientific terminology and formulas. But tasting a single grain of sugar will do more to explain what sugar really is and what it does than allrepparttar 144766 textbooks ever written or laboratory experiments ever performed.”

To taste is to know.

Allow me to carry this topic further, please. How is it that a skilled neurologist can tell me every, detailed thing about my brain, but she cannot possibly know what’s on my mind? Ifrepparttar 144767 neurologist conducts surgery on my brain, she can see and name allrepparttar 144768 parts. She can diagnose, patch-up, and make a prognosis about my mental health, but she cannot know what’s in my mind. Why? Because there is more to me than what appears physically. I am a soul in a body because I am created inrepparttar 144769 image and likeness of God. And God is Spirit.

If there is more to man than what is physical, then a man needs to recognize and maintain good spiritual health. Is this possible? Yes, I believe so. Just as one must care for his physical well being, so one must care for his spiritual well being. Ifrepparttar 144770 soul is neglected, one will ache inside and not know what is bugging him. One will yearn for things that cannot be found inrepparttar 144771 natural or physical realm. The yearning will never cease. Scripture teaches thatrepparttar 144772 spiritual realm is more “real” thanrepparttar 144773 physical. As a matter of factrepparttar 144774 physical realm is fading, according torepparttar 144775 laws of physics (measured by entropy); however,repparttar 144776 spiritual realm is everlasting, eternal.

The Chances are...

Written by Terry Dashner

The Chances are…

Terry Dashner…………….Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

If there is no Creator, then we have some problems. If there is no “first cause” as Saint Thomas Aquinas stated, then our theory of beginnings has problems. If physical laws of thermodynamics are constant and irrefutable throughoutrepparttar universe, then our theory of evolution has some real problems. I think it takes more faith to believe thatrepparttar 144182 universe and humanity evolved from nothing and no Creator than it does to believe this, “Inrepparttar 144183 beginning, God createdrepparttar 144184 heavens andrepparttar 144185 earth…”

Robert J. Hastings gives a good illustration to support this. Says Hastings, “Some say that creation wasrepparttar 144186 result of chance. Others say it was God. Those who rely on chance have some big explaining to do. Here is one simple illustration ofrepparttar 144187 improbability of man just ‘happening.’

“Take ten pennies and mark them 1 to 10. Put them in your pocket and give them a good shake. Now try to draw them out of your pocket in order, from 1 to 10, returning each coin to your pocket after each try.

“Your chance of drawing number 1 onrepparttar 144188 first try is 1 in 10. Your chance of drawing 1 and 2 in succession would be 1 in 100. On drawing 1, 2, and 3 in succession, one in a thousand. Your chance of drawing 1, 2, 3, and 4 is succession would be one in 10,000, and so on.

“Now listen to this. Your chance of drawingrepparttar 144189 pennies in perfect succession, 1 to 10, would be one chance in ten billion!

“And yet there are some who say that allrepparttar 144190 complex and essential conditions for life on our earth as we know it could have occurred inrepparttar 144191 proper sequence just by ‘chance.’

“Leslie Weatherhead said, ‘It demands more of credulity to imagine thatrepparttar 144192 universe was all a huge accident than to believe inrepparttar 144193 operation of a mind. How very strange that a ball of matter accidentally happening, and accidentally moving roundrepparttar 144194 sun, should accidentally and purposelessly produce a man who purposefully seeks truth and purposefully asks how such and accident could happen, thus exhibiting a more profound degree of intelligence than that which accidentally produced this amazing universe.’”

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