To Succeed Greatly, You Must...

Written by Jason Katzenback

To Succeed Greatly, You Must…

(1) Climb up from underrepparttar limitations of circum­stances and conditions (2) Do some­thing in such a way that you become a leader in rendering service and securing just com­pensation for your service.

Read that again!

It suggestsrepparttar 142165 personal factors which will make your effort successful. It also sug­gestsrepparttar 142166 process of succeeding, andrepparttar 142167 means of carrying outrepparttar 142168 process.

The determining factors are:

(1) Freeing yourself of hindering circumstances and conditions; (2) Doing something; (3) Being a leader in what you do; (4) Rendering service to others; and (5) Securing just com­pensation forrepparttar 142169 service.

My discovery of these determining fac­tors was very important torepparttar 142170 young man I talked with years ago. It revolutionized his efforts and changed him from failure to success. It was also a great revelation to me. Previously, I had believed that success depended on determin­ation, enthusiasm, hard work, et cetera. These are essential in succeeding, but they are not determinants of success.

Assume that I wish to be successful in producing a light green colored oil paint. White lead asrepparttar 142171 basis and linseed oil asrepparttar 142172 medium are valuable assets. A basis and a medium are essentials. But, I can mix a new batch of white lead and linseed oil every day for a year and fail to produce a light green paint. White lead and linseed oil are essential in making a light green paint, but they do not determine greenness. Green pigment isrepparttar 142173 only factor which is a deter­minant in producing a green paint. To be successful in producing a green paint, I must use a green pigment.

So it is in determining success. Hard work, honesty, enthusiasm, et cetera, are valuable assets-you cannot succeed with­out them. But, they do not determine your success. Hence, my discovery ofrepparttar 142174 five de­termining factors was a great revelation to me, and it is most important inrepparttar 142175 attain­ment of success.

Hair Care 101

Written by Kenia Morales

The way our hair looks and feels is such an important matter to us “women”. It isrepparttar frame of our faces. Therefore, one ofrepparttar 142145 first things people notice when they see us. So it is only natural that we all want to have it looking and feelingrepparttar 142146 best way possible. However, if you want to have radiant, shiny hair there is one thing you must understand whether it is straight, wavy, curly or coarse: In order to have healthy hair we must take proper care of it. This takes extra effort but,repparttar 142147 results are more than worth it. Below I have added some tips that guarantee to give hair a healthy sheen and maintain it (for any hair type).

•Chemicals like hair relaxers and color can really damagerepparttar 142148 structure of your hair. However, I do not believe that women will stop using them and we don’t have to as long as we maintain their use to a minimal and take care of it properly.

•Deep condition it every week or at least every two weeks. How can you do this? Shampoo hair as usual, rinse off, apply your favorite conditioner, cover hair with a plastic cap and get under a bonnet or hard hat hair dryer. Stay there anywhere from 10-20 minutes. If you don’t have a bonnet dryer you might want to userepparttar 142149 blower to heat overrepparttar 142150 plastic cap and last rinse conditioner off.

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