To Start Succeeding, Stop Pushing

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

"I have to solve this problem now. The soonerrepparttar better!"

"Once I figure this out I will....."

"I can't do Y until I do X and I do X RIGHT"

Push, push, push.

As a society, it seems popular and highly favored to become a "go getter". Some one who "knows where she is going and makes a way to get there."

Ladder climbers have been known to trounce several or quite a few on repparttar 101987 way above and beyond.

The easy way?

Never! Part ofrepparttar 101988 badge of honor isrepparttar 101989 striving,repparttar 101990 struggle,repparttar 101991 sweat andrepparttar 101992 tears.

There has GOT TO BE a better way.

The good news there IS and it is SOOOOO much simpler!

Instead of pushing so hard and becoming so frustrated, simply tap intorepparttar 101993 most efficient methods of using your personal gifts to achieverepparttar 101994 desired results.

You might be asking, "Well, how is that possible without pushing?"

Here isrepparttar 101995 often overlooked secret.

There are three simple steps:

1. Instead of saying "I HAVE TO solve this problem or ONCE I figure this out or I MUST do X before Y, ask yourself something else. The have to's andrepparttar 101996 once I's andrepparttar 101997 I must's are fruit of not having enough. They arerepparttar 101998 outcome of believingrepparttar 101999 world is a place of poverty, powerlessness and scarcity. One moment walking alongrepparttar 102000 shore and you will remember this is a world of incredible abundance. So ASK yourself, "How can I solve this?" or "How can I do this now?" or "In what way can I do Y before X is in place?" Simply, quietly and reflectively ask yourself those replacement questions whenever one ofrepparttar 102001 scarcity based statements begins playing in your mind's audio system.

2. Do not become overly concerned about an immediate answer. Simply ask, and if you have not had a "Eureka" moment, continue to quietly and peacefully re-askrepparttar 102002 question WITHOUT pushing. One ofrepparttar 102003 best times to ask yourself your question is before going to sleep at night. In fact, this is a practice you may want to try each night before going to sleep.

3. Be alert to any possible response from your subconscious mind. You may want to spend some focused contemplative time and directly ask yourself forrepparttar 102004 response. Many people will say "I don't have any more minutes in my day. How can I spend contemplative time?" One response is ASK yourself! And for now, userepparttar 102005 time you are already using for something else and build a bridge. One method is to use your shower or bath time. Hopefully when you are showering you are relaxed and comfortable, which isrepparttar 102006 perfect context to tune into your wellspring of ideas.

One Step At a Time

Written by Dennis Eppestine

Earlier this week, I was putting together some bookcases. You know those kind that come in a thin box with a picture on front of how great it will look when it's finished.

In big letters onrepparttar front it said, "Quick and Easy Assembly." This was a lie. An outright lie. But after I got over being lied to, I settled down to buildrepparttar 101986 bookcases. Of course with 3 children inrepparttar 101987 house, I had some help. And late intorepparttar 101988 project, when I asked, "What'srepparttar 101989 next step?", they told me, and of course - they skipped a step.

They didn't mean to (they never do, do they?). They were just in such a hurry that they turned two pages instead of one. Well, we fixedrepparttar 101990 problem, andrepparttar 101991 bookcases look great byrepparttar 101992 way, but it ended up taking even longer than it was going to (there was nothing "quick and easy" about it!).

Well, of course this got me to thinking. By trying to skip steps and hurry, we ended up taking even longer. And since I relate everything torepparttar 101993 Internet (do you do that, too?), it just reinforced for me my deeply held belief that you CANNOT GET RICH OVERNIGHT!

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