To Settle or Not to Settle: A Case Dilemma

Written by Paul Hood

A dilemma besetting many cases isrepparttar question whether to settle or not. A practical assessment of your position withrepparttar 119166 aid of a trusted lawyer will providerepparttar 119167 answer.

It is never easy to make a decision like settling a case. Many factors come into play but a thing to be remembered is that choosing to settle is based on calculated risks and chances of winning litigation.

If you find yourself in a trial, you or your opponent may choose to offerrepparttar 119168 other party to settlerepparttar 119169 case before it reaches court. This discussion ofrepparttar 119170 case is “without prejudice” meaning that you are not bound by any agreement whatsoever if you change your mind prior to receivingrepparttar 119171 money or beforerepparttar 119172 court is informed of your agreement.

Choosing to settle a case may well be beneficial to you as it can save you a great deal of money and time. Not includingrepparttar 119173 fact that opting to pursuerepparttar 119174 case may prove to be your own undoing. There isrepparttar 119175 risk of a prolonged trial or even loss andrepparttar 119176 cost it will entail may not berepparttar 119177 best for you. Indeed it may sound unfair but strains on your personal relationships as well as on your business can be avoided if you choose to settle.

Securing evidence in winning defective product cases

Written by Maui Reyes

Oftentimes when people get into accidents that involve defective products (such as car accidents), they get into shock and delay filing a case. While it is understandable that certain personal injuries can cause you to not file a case right away, you must remember thatrepparttar company whom you plan to sue is already one, if not two, steps ahead of you.

To start, call an experienced products liability lawyer for advice and to schedule an immediate appointment—he should help you in securing allrepparttar 119165 evidence needed forrepparttar 119166 trial. The preservation of evidence is crucial, since this will greatly help—if not determine—the success of your case.

Ifrepparttar 119167 product was not yours, offer to purchaserepparttar 119168 wrecked or malfunctioning article. It may not seem to be of use now, but obtainingrepparttar 119169 evidence means you can keep an eye on it. If buying a product that has long served its purpose does not appeal to you, think ofrepparttar 119170 success it will bring to your case.

Next, make sure you keeprepparttar 119171 article in a safe place where it cannot be altered, or worse, stolen. Many truck companies whose vehicles get into an accident send their trucks for repairs ASAP, which quickly covers up any dents or bumps. There have also been cases where evidence kept in a garage being stolen. Make sure you keeprepparttar 119172 evidence in a safe place.

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