To Sell Or Not To Sell: Steps That Lead To The Sale You Need

Written by Elaine VonCannon

When to sell is an important question for anyone inrepparttar real estate market. Whether you are looking to sell a home, second home or investment property choosingrepparttar 145846 right timing can be critical. Utilizingrepparttar 145847 knowledge and expertise of a real estate professional is your greatest resource for makingrepparttar 145848 best decision. As a real estate expert inrepparttar 145849 Williamsburg and Tidewater area of Virginia this article will address some common questions sellers have asked me inrepparttar 145850 past. Remember,repparttar 145851 only reasons your home or investment property won’t sell are location, condition or price. Q. Should a seller list then buy, or buy then list?

A. Get your house under contract before you purchase.

Q. Should a seller do a “for sale by owner”?

A. Do not do a “for sale by owner”. Find real estate professionals you can trust to help you assessrepparttar 145852 real estate market in your area. This will help you be certain you have covered allrepparttar 145853 bases necessary to chooserepparttar 145854 right price. To learn more aboutrepparttar 145855 facts of “for sale by owner” transactions visit and read my article Debunking The Myth Of More Net Gain With For Sale By Owner.

Q. Shouldrepparttar 145856 seller invest in a pre-listing inspection?

A. A pre-listing inspection is an important part of educating yourself aboutrepparttar 145857 condition of your home. It will help you to price your home realistically and can save you time and energy duringrepparttar 145858 sale itself. Documentation from a recent inspection will appeal to your potential buyers. Make surerepparttar 145859 inspector is insured, licensed and certified.

Q. At what point shouldrepparttar 145860 seller listrepparttar 145861 home or investment property?

A. After your home has passed an inspection you should begin looking for a new home. Your agent can listrepparttar 145862 property at this time, but be surerepparttar 145863 listing states that a replacement home must be secured before closing.

Q. What isrepparttar 145864 first step to understandingrepparttar 145865 real estate market in my region?

A. Gather information from a variety of sources and comparerepparttar 145866 findings. Do not hesitate to approach more than one real estate agent and request a comparable market analysis (CMA). The CMA will showrepparttar 145867 prices of recently sold homes and homes currently onrepparttar 145868 market that are comparable to your home in size, condition and location. This provides you with an estimated worth for your property. Also, attend neighborhood open houses to get a feel forrepparttar 145869 current trends. Be sure to look at home comparable to yours within a three-mile radius of your present home.

Clouds on the Horizon: Property Title Issues Which Affect Sale

Written by Elaine VonCannon

When buying or selling a home, proof of ownership, orrepparttar property title, and issues affecting it, are critical. If you have a cloud or lien on your title, this means somebody or some business entity has laid claim to a portion ofrepparttar 145845 equity in your home. There are different types of liens that affectrepparttar 145846 marketability of your home. For this article, I interviewed Chris Swynford, an attorney in Williamsburg, Virginia, whom I utilize frequently for real estate transactions. Mr. Swynford commented on several types of property liens that are common issues for homebuyers and home sellers. Property Title Insurance – for Matters NOT of Record In order to understandrepparttar 145847 different types of liens, it is necessary to reviewrepparttar 145848 concept ofrepparttar 145849 actual deed or title. A property title can be insured by a title company, and I always recommend my clients purchase owner’s title insurance coverage, even though not required by commercial lenders (which ALWAYS require lender’s carry title insurance). “Generally, many matters NOT of public record (including mechanics’ and materialmens’ liens for new construction) are covered under title insurance, including issues such as misrepresentation of marital status, forgery or fraud in executing documents, missing heirs, or unknown boundary contests,” said Mr. Swynford.

Matters of Record for Property Title According to Mr. Swynford, “state law whererepparttar 145850 property is located covers most matters of title. East ofrepparttar 145851 Mississippi, excluding Louisiana, property is generally held in one of several ways: tenancy by entirety, title passing torepparttar 145852 survivor upon death ofrepparttar 145853 first party, and that exists only between husband and wife; and can be reached (lien) only byrepparttar 145854 creditors of both; joint tenancy with right of survivorship, title passing torepparttar 145855 survivor upon death; but which may be severed byrepparttar 145856 creditor of only one party in judicial proceedings; and, tenancy in common. Upon death of one co-tenantrepparttar 145857 undivided interest ofrepparttar 145858 deceased passes by will or to heirs under state laws of interstate succession.”

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