To MLM or Not to MLM

Written by Rosella Aranda

Whether you want to be your own boss or you want to be handsomely rich,repparttar internet offers great possibilities. Maybe too many!

You hop onrepparttar 148051 internet only to find yourself being pulled in so many different directions that you don’t even know which way is up. Yipes! How do you go about filtering throughrepparttar 148052 masses of come-ons?

Here’s one… “Fabulous Income Immediately with Little or No Work!” Ooooh, goody!

I must admit, these ads appeal enormously torepparttar 148053 greedy, lazy parts of my humanity. Fortunately I, like most of you, know that there is no such thing as being paid just for showing up. And you don’t have time or money to lose…

So just how DO you proceed?

Rule 1 – Don’t waste your energy and money with multi-level marketing outfits. These arerepparttar 148054 ones with a forced matrix recruitment and pay-out system.

Now I’ll berepparttar 148055 first to admit that there are some very reputable MLM companies out there. Some of them are Fortune 500 Companies and some rank high onrepparttar 148056 New York Stock Exchange and trade heavily onrepparttar 148057 NASDAQ.

However, just becauserepparttar 148058 company as a whole is making money doesn’t necessarily mean that YOU will make money. Too many of us have learned thatrepparttar 148059 hard way.


Here are some obstacles I encountered, which finally led me to abandon MLMs for good.

• MLM structures have a bad reputation. That’s justrepparttar 148060 way it is. Whetherrepparttar 148061 company deservesrepparttar 148062 poor reputation or not is hardlyrepparttar 148063 point. The fact remains that you are working against widespread skepticism. (“Is this one of those pyramid schemes?”) You’re trying to swim upstream. Not wise.

• There is always a monthly purchase you are required to make, so you’re losing money from day one. (Many companies try to denyrepparttar 148064 fact that there is any “requirement” to purchase anything. They conveniently sidesteprepparttar 148065 fact that you aren’t eligible to earn any money unless you are making a monthly purchase.)

• It takes several “recruits” to just break even. And no sooner do you add one than another one bails out. It is a sl-o-o-o-o-w grow.

• Your eventual income directly hinges onrepparttar 148066 efforts of other people. Talk about giving away your power!

• Many MLM or forced-matrix structures are unstable and short-lived. The term “fly-by-night” springs to mind.

• I found myself focusing so exclusively on tracking down leads forrepparttar 148067 company I was promoting that I really wasn’t aware of what was going on out onrepparttar 148068 big playing field where allrepparttar 148069 really creative people were carving out their piece ofrepparttar 148070 pie. The internet is a much more fascinating arena once you take offrepparttar 148071 MLM blinders.

Writing Persuasive Articles

Written by Steve Gillman

You may be wondering what persuasive writing has to do with articles. After all, you're not exactly selling something with an informative article, are you? Yes, you are. You at least want persuaderepparttar reader to keep reading until he gets to your link atrepparttar 147841 bottom. Userepparttar 147842 following tips to get more traffic by writing persuasively.

Persuasive Writing

1. Headlines. Questions are great attention-grabbers. "How Much Can You Make This Year?" will get more readers than "Make More Money." Paint a picture in seven words or less, if you can. "A Thousand Dollars Fell Off My Table," might lure them in. Titles like,"10 Ways To..." or "Avoid These Six Mistakes When..." or "How To..." are popular too.

2. Description. Most article banks require a description, which letsrepparttar 147843 reader know whatrepparttar 147844 article is about, so you get readers who are actually interested inrepparttar 147845 topic. The second purpose is to make them want to read your article. Try hinting at things and leavingrepparttar 147846 reader wanting more: "If you're making these errors, you're losing money every day. Learn to avoidrepparttar 147847 most common optimization mistakes."

3. Article body. Write in your natural style, but keep paragraphs short, or readers will lose interest. Also, if you can hint at incompleteness, you're more likely to get visits your site. Don't say, "Here's how to write articles." Say, "Here are just some ofrepparttar 147848 techniques I use to easily write new articles." You want them to go looking forrepparttar 147849 other techniques - on your site.

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