To Lose Weight, Feed Your Brains

Written by Gabrielle Guichard

As you may know, as soon as you put yourself on a diet, you only have one thought left: to eat. Sooner or later, it will overcome you...except if you hit first.

When wasrepparttar last time you focused so much on a task that you forgot to eat? You did not really forget, but you were too much interested in what you were working on to stop doing it and go torepparttar 147797 fridge. Years ago, when your body was slim and your head swollen with projects, did you ever think that to be a grown up would not mean to be responsible and free?

Stop looking for somebody to sue: nobody shovelled food in your mouth. Stop whining about commercials that influence you: nobody tied you up in front ofrepparttar 147798 telly. Stop opening your mouth and closing your mind.

You know, everybody know, thatrepparttar 147799 higherrepparttar 147800 education,repparttar 147801 lowerrepparttar 147802 weight. If you point at a person you know who has a PhD and 30 extra pounds, you act exactly as those people who say that there is no correlation between smoking and lung cancer since their grand father died of old age after having smoked thousands of cigarettes. I don't write for you. Bye bye!

Now that we are between us, let's move on torepparttar 147803 main point. How much does this portrait look like you: - You often feel incredibly bored, - You think that you are more worth than what you show, - If you were given a new start, you would lead your life differently, - You cannot help wishing something else than getting up to go to work each morning, - In fact, it looks sometimes so vain that you'd rather stay in bed.

Do you recognize yourself? If yes,repparttar 147804 choice is limited: either you fall in a depression, or you feed your brains. Since in order to get out of a depression, you would have to feed your brains, jump directly torepparttar 147805 second solution!

First, recognize your qualities and make them shine in others' eyes. Modesty? You are not asked to show haughtiness but to get a sense of pride from your abilities. Wouldrepparttar 147806 world be better if Mozart's father had shyly hidden his son's gift? Don't let anyone mislead you: those who advocate modesty have nothing to show. Most time, they do not want you to succeed because it would berepparttar 147807 evidence of their own failure. They brandish their righteousness against you because it is, by far, easier to damage your chances than to improve themselves. So, be honest and recognize your qualities.

Antioxidants - Your Best Defense Against Disease and Aging

Written by Hamoon Arbabi

Studies supportrepparttar benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This is due to their high antioxidant value. Why are antioxidants so important? Because they have a proven track record of fighting free radicals. Your body is being constantly attacked by very harmful substances known as free radicals or oxygen radicals. Free radicals can destroy your cells, tissues and organs. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that are naturally formed inside our bodies byrepparttar 147720 process of oxidation. They are normal by products of everyday functions like digestion and physical activity. Free radicals also come from outside sources, such as smoking, environmental pollution, and synthetic chemicals that are added to our water and food. We are also all exposed daily to polluted air, ingest oxidized or partially rancid foods, and oxidizing radiations fromrepparttar 147721 sun and various electrical appliances. Free radicals lack one electron making them chemically unstable. To stabilize themselves, they attack any other substance within reach and steel an electron from it. This process creates a new free radical, which repeatsrepparttar 147722 process, producing a "domino effect." When this reaction is uncontrolled, it can generate millions of free radicals within seconds. Fortunately our bodies come equipped with a free radical fighting mechanism. It consists of specialized enzymes that have a "spare" electron that they can give away without turning into free radicals. In order to protect us,repparttar 147723 enzymes need help from certain substances known as antioxidants.

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