To Conquer Fear, You Have To Become Fear Itself

Written by Zamri Nanyan

To Conquer Fear, You Have To Become Fear Itself by Zamri Nanyan

What I've learned from "Batman Begins",repparttar movie, was more thanrepparttar 150430 cost of a ticket to sit in a dark room full of strangers for more than two hours.

Well, actuallyrepparttar 150431 cost of two tickets (one for me and another for my wife).

I don't know about majority ofrepparttar 150432 audience but this one phrase caught my attention immediately...

"To Conquer Fear, You Have To Become Fear Itself".

I know thatrepparttar 150433 meaning of fear inrepparttar 150434 movie was pretty obvious. Bruce Wayne was afraid of bats. He never had fear towards anything at all... exceptrepparttar 150435 dark-black, mysterious blind creatures.

The fear of bats haunted him from small kid until he was big enough to be called an adult.

I know it's gotta be strange for an adult to be NOT afraid of other things (even dangerous sword fights) but bats... but let's just assume that this all makes sense.

The point is... there might be one 'thing' in your life which is stopping you from moving forward. That fear itself.

I'll give you an example of my own experience.

I've always liked to think of getting an extra income fromrepparttar 150436 internet but I was afraid that I might fail.

I was afraid that people would see me as a newbie who knows nothing at all about internet marketing.

I was afraid that my writings would be full of grammatical errors and I could mean one thing when I intended to tellrepparttar 150437 other.

The Best Advice Ever About Money

Written by Zamri Nanyan

The Best Advice Ever About Money by Zamri Nanyan

Wanna knowrepparttar best ever advice you can get about money?

Here it is...

Let's say that you are getting regular monthly salary from work and you are happy with it. Now, atrepparttar 150429 end ofrepparttar 150430 month (and most ofrepparttar 150431 time, two days after you get your paychecks), you wonder where all your money is gone.

You begin reasoning.

30% of it goes to house mortgage. 20% of it goes to car payment. 10% of it goes to credit card payment. 5% of it goes to utility bills. etc, etc, etc...

"That should be fine. I've got all taken care of. Next month, I'll get another paycheck andrepparttar 150432 same cycle goes on and on... enough for me to surviverepparttar 150433 whole life."

Well, you gotta be careful now.

What happens if your car broke down? What happens if your kitchen needed renovation after a heavy storm last night? What happens if you suddenly forgot that you've overspent your credit card? What happens if you fell sick?

Things could be worse, and now isrepparttar 150434 time thatrepparttar 150435 cliche "Fix your roof on a sunny day" is very much true to you.

You don't want this to happen to you, right?

There could be thousands of things that could go wrong in our lives but unless we realize that we need to prepare forrepparttar 150436 worse, we'll never get ahead of ourselves.

Sometimes, fixed salary could be a good thing for you because you can plan with what you want to do with your money on a predicatble basis. Though I strongly believe that you still need a secondary income - preferably a recurring secondary income - to improve your financial situation at any level.

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