To Buy Or Not To Buy: Avoiding False Promises

Written by Katie Bauer

If you're like me, you've fallen intorepparttar trap of buying an internet marketing product online with such high hopes, and when you finish reading it you're thinking, that's it? Something is missing. Where is that magic formula that was promised? How is this different from other products I've seen?

The lesson in this article is that COMMUNICATION is an absolute necessity, and shortly you will see how this links torepparttar 109067 situation above.

Gone may berepparttar 109068 days of heading out torepparttar 109069 store every time you need to buy clothes or groceries; and gone may berepparttar 109070 days of needing to make an appointment before you head torepparttar 109071 bank to engage their services. You can do all of this overrepparttar 109072 internet, right? However,repparttar 109073 importance and impact of personal communication is NOT gone. Whether it's by phone or by email, personal contact with someone you intend to conduct a business transaction with, PRIOR to finalizing a sale, is vital torepparttar 109074 success of both parties.

There are maybe...a zillion websites out there advertising some type of internet marketing strategy or product? It's overwhelming, and yet so exciting! I come across a new site with terrific advice and information every day. It takes control not to clickrepparttar 109075 "order" link before doing a little bit of research intorepparttar 109076 validity ofrepparttar 109077 product andrepparttar 109078 owner. That is a crucial step we all must take, and it involves COMMUNICATION.

So how does one communicate with a website or an advertisement? Simple! First, head torepparttar 109079 website and find out if there is a free newsletter offered. Reading this type of weekly or monthly publication is a great form of communication that will help you to "get to know"repparttar 109080 person behindrepparttar 109081 product or service.

Looking for a faster alternative? There may be a phone number listed. Otherwise, most times you'll find an email address. The authors and owners of reputable internet marketing resources will make themselves accessible - their reputation depends on it. Don't be afraid to send an email and ASK QUESTIONS. The technology of email has made asking questions about a product or service a cinch. Withrepparttar 109082 click of a button you can send your inquiry torepparttar 109083 other side ofrepparttar 109084 continent, or evenrepparttar 109085 globe! The additional bonus of email is that it's FREE.

Who Needs Cash When There's Electronic Money!

Written by Merle

It's a new world. Gone arerepparttar days of writing paper checks and entering credit card numbers. Now withrepparttar 109066 click of a mouse you can pay anyone anywhere, anytime, or you can receive payments yourself without a merchant account. All you need isrepparttar 109067 right service and an email address.

There are so many "electronic payment" services onrepparttar 109068 Net today, if you're not taking advantage of them you're missing out on a fast, simple way to move money around. If you're selling products or services online, adding one or more of these payment processes to your site will give your visitors more options and possibly result in more sales for you.

Let's examine some ofrepparttar 109069 Top Players a little more closely:

1) PayPal

PayPal has to berepparttar 109070 most popular ofrepparttar 109071 payment services available by far. They offer three different account types: Personal, which has a limit of 100.00 per month in credit card payments; Premier, for those in need of high transactions (which means you need to accept a large number of credit card payments); and Business accounts, which are intended for business use only. A business account includesrepparttar 109072 ability to accept payment from your website and use of PayPal's shopping cart along with your own ATM/Debit card which allows you to access your funds at any local bank or userepparttar 109073 debit card like a credit card at any store.

Fees: For Premier accounts these are 2.2% of each transaction plus $.30. Business users pay 2.9% per transaction plus $.30. There are no transaction fees for personal accounts. They do allow International payments for some countries; checkrepparttar 109074 site for details.

2) BidPay:

Owned by Western Union and devised to make paying for online auctions easier. Basically, when you open an account with them you purchase money orders that they send out to pay for any auctions you may have won. Cannot handle transactions over $700.00. The money orders are mailed out within 24 hours. Emails are sent torepparttar 109075 buyer and seller once payment is on its way. All payments under $100.00 are charged a $5.00 flat fee. Money orders between $100.01 and $700.00 are charged $5.00 +2.25% ofrepparttar 109076 face value ofrepparttar 109077 money order. International access allowed but limited to certain areas.

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