To-the-point... What's the message?

Written by Robert Poulton

Have you ever felt like WHAT you were trying to say, for some unknown reason wasnít coming out right?... or,

If I told them once, Iíve told them a thousand times!... but, they just donít get it.

Miscommunications or unclear communications cost companies both time and money every day.

Communication either enables or blocksrepparttar achievement of our personal and business objectives.

So, how do you communicate to achieve your business objectives 25-50% faster?...

Go to its source! Communicationís Control Central... Picture your self walking intorepparttar 125593 control room of a large supper-computer that processes all ofrepparttar 125594 financial transactions for about 50,000,000Ī credit card purchases-transactions per day. Oh, byrepparttar 125595 way,repparttar 125596 super-computer is connected to tens of thousands of other small computers each communicating withrepparttar 125597 brain.

What if you changed only one character, in one line of code, inrepparttar 125598 program that processes those transactions? The system stops communicating clearly and you end up with a mess like Portland, Oregonís water department billing system that created a $9,800,000 loss and a big pain inrepparttar 125599 keyster for all ofrepparttar 125600 customers who didn't get a bill for a year.

Just like one character in a line of code... One word... can changerepparttar 125601 course of history, yours, your company's and evenrepparttar 125602 world's.

Letís go on a journey back-in-time...

Back to before you were born, back when -one word- setrepparttar 125603 course for your birth and possibly evenrepparttar 125604 environment you were to grow-up in.

Love, one word, one message, two different meanings inrepparttar 125605 heat of passion.

The first meaning in its simplest form is -caring, commitment, support- as it relates to two people and a long-term relationship. The second meaning, -LUST - - come on baby, light my fire, I love ya- usually ends in a parting ofrepparttar 125606 ways just before breakfast. The latter creates a lot of single parent families. Whoís usually left holdingrepparttar 125607 bag?... you and your mom.

How do you think these two, very different meanings impact your birth and life as you grow up? They create two very different environments, in which you grow-up learning two different ways of life andrepparttar 125608 meaning ofrepparttar 125609 single word - love.

So, if every communication has a message and every message has a meaning, what do I, asrepparttar 125610 sender ofrepparttar 125611 message, need to do... to save time, avoid misunderstanding and achieve my objectives faster, at a lower cost?

Links to Fun and History - for Dad's Day!

Written by Ron Kimball

Like most people, I bet you thought Father's Day was started to sell greeting cards as a compliment to Mother's Day.

According torepparttar website I have listed below, Father's Day was created by Mrs. John B. Dodd of Washington. Apparently, she simply wanted a day to honor her father.

It seems her dad was widowed when his wife, passed away during chilbirth and left him with 6 children to raise. When she became an adult, Mrs. Dodd realizedrepparttar 125592 strength and caring of her father during those years. It was her way of showing her appreciation to him.

Father's Day was first celebrated in Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910. President Calvin Coolidge recognized a national Father's Day in 1924 but it wasn't until 1966 that President Lyndon Johnson proclaimedrepparttar 125593 3rd Sunday of June as Father's Day.

Do you remember making a special gift for you Dad for Father's Day? I remember tracing a hunting knife around a piece of cardboard, then cutting it out and coloring it just for him!

Here's a link that will take you to a site to give kids ideas to make something a little special for their Dads.

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