To,cc or Bcc

Written by stephen Cope

Most people when sending email send usingrepparttar to line, some even venture torepparttar 140853 cc line (carbon copy) but very few venture intorepparttar 140854 realms ofrepparttar 140855 Bcc line (blind carbon copy).

The answer is usually because they are blissfully unaware ofrepparttar 140856 existence ofrepparttar 140857 Bcc line. Most email clients including Outlook Express and IncrediMail do not showrepparttar 140858 Bcc line onrepparttar 140859 default new email form when composing an email.

To Userepparttar 140860 Bcc line you must normally first enable it. These screen shots show how to enable Bcc in Outlook Express . The process for Incredimail is similar.

What isrepparttar 140861 Bcc Line and why Use it?

The Bcc line (blind copy)is used to send email to someone without other recipients ofrepparttar 140862 email being aware that it was sent to those recipients. It is effectively a way of hiding email recipients from each other. Its main use is when sending email to mailing lists ( email groups).

Spam - How to Report it

Written by Joanne King

Iím sure you find spam just as frustrating and annoying as I do. So Iíve done some investigation in how to report it to get these people hopefully in a bit of strife! And put spam to an end or at least lessen it ;-)

You see, I actually didnít realize for a while I was actually makingrepparttar situation worse. You ever receive those spam emails where you KNOW for sure you NEVER signed up to receive their emails and then they provide an unsubscribe link downrepparttar 140487 bottom?

Anyways, here I was clickingrepparttar 140488 unsubscribe button on all these annoying spam emails thinking I was getting my email address removed from their database where all I was doing was confirming that my email address was active and I was reading their spam emails.

Here is how YOU can report these spammers (and hopefully lessenrepparttar 140489 amount that drifts in and out of our inboxís every day).

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