Titles - and Subtitles - Sell Books!

Written by Ink Tree Ltd.

Does a title really sell a book? The short answer is, yes. You must be careful in choosing your book title because if a book does not attract a reader initially, it will be overlooked and not purchased. The book title isrepparttar element that createsrepparttar 126371 initial attraction torepparttar 126372 book.

Watch people who are browsing in a bookstore. A catchy title grabs their interest and makes them reach forrepparttar 126373 book out of curiosity. A great title makes browsers think, “Really?” or “What does THAT mean?” or “That’s what I need”. Think long and hard when choosing your book’s title. The title must give some clues aboutrepparttar 126374 book’s contents in a snappy “one-liner”.

Many authors struggle fiercely withrepparttar 126375 title choice, not realizing thatrepparttar 126376 title is there somewhere inrepparttar 126377 book’s contents. They just haven’t recognized it because they are too close torepparttar 126378 project. Sometimes it helps to talk to impartial, unbiased persons. Tell them what your book is about, and then listen to their feedback.

Alternately, onrepparttar 126379 tongue-in-cheek advice of one publishing professional, open a bottle of wine and start writing. Make a list of everything that comes to mind about what you have written in your book. Nothing is too silly, but do try to strike onrepparttar 126380 central theme or message.

When your list is complete (andrepparttar 126381 wine is all gone), group your notes into categories. Chooserepparttar 126382 snappiest, most intriguing words that say something about your book without sounding like a boring explanation.

Perhaps these titles will help you:

• Woman-Sense Rules! • Fit to Cook • Climb Your Stairway to Heaven • Lightrepparttar 126383 Fire • Spell Success in Your Life

If you are planning on a series, your title should be your “brand”. Then as you make your brand into a household word, you ensure future sales. As each title inrepparttar 126384 series is published, you know that people will buyrepparttar 126385 latest book to completerepparttar 126386 series. Think Harry Potter or Nancy Drew.

19 Ways to Secure Non-Returnable Book Sales

Written by Ink Tree Ltd.

Surprisingly, book stores are not always your greatest source of book sales. Most authors and publishers do want their books to be available in all ofrepparttar book stores, and rightly so. You want your book to be there, too. You want your book to be a “household name” – a topic of conversation in coffee rooms and at dinner tables everywhere. Your publicity campaign is designed to create interest in your book, and to drive buyers torepparttar 126370 book store market.

Unfortunately, those traditional book store sales aren’t always “sold”. The books might be returned over and over again. That’srepparttar 126371 sad reality ofrepparttar 126372 book retail industry.

Your book’s fame, however, can help you to acquire nonreturnable sales inrepparttar 126373 nontraditional market where a sale actually is a sale – where sales of 25,000 copies and more are not uncommon. Here are 19 strategies that will help you acquire those sales:

1. Write your book for a very broad market – nonfiction works best.

2. Write a book that people will be happy to give as a gift.

3. Add as many photos and illustrations as you can afford.

4. Keeprepparttar 126374 topic light – avoid heavy social commentaries, controversial topics, scientific theories and other “heavy” subjects.

5. Have your book professionally designed.

6. Have your book professionally edited.

7. Give your book a catchy name – avoid boring titles such as How to Have a Happy, Fulfilling Life.

8. Make sure thatrepparttar 126375 cover design is appealing, appears three dimensional and can compete with all ofrepparttar 126376 major publishing houses. Hire a professional designer.

9. Sellrepparttar 126377 benefits of your book onrepparttar 126378 back cover. That is where you will sell buyers onrepparttar 126379 reasons why they just can’t live without your book.

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