Tired of trashy TV? Try an old-time treat!

Written by Ned Norris

Americans love to be entertained, though most of what passes for entertainment these days isnít that good.

As almost every viewer and listener can attest, consumers seeking objectionable material need not look too far, says Ned Norris, president of RUSC (RU Sitting Comfortably?). "Too much of todayís television and radio is simply trashy. People get tired of that."

Almost every channel features a reality show that does not resemblerepparttar reality of most Americans. Daytime soaps and talk shows glorify lives and relationships built around sex and deceit, and prime-time shows offer prime examples of societal ills. Radio can be just as bad, with profanity in rock-ín-roll and rap lyrics, and talk shows that lean heavily on hatred and sexual innuendo to appeal to an increasingly cynical audience.

"This country has an insatiable demand for entertainment media," Norris says. "But adults who want to listen with their kids, or just to enjoy programming thatís well-written and creative, have fewer choices today than they once did.

"Fortunately, old-time radio has it all: Comedy thatís honestly funny without exceedingrepparttar 110060 bounds of good taste. Drama and suspense from an era when writers had to depend on their skill with words, rather than flashy special effects. Variety shows, quiz shows, westerns, and stories for kids."

RUSC has a library of more than 5,000 episodes of old-time radio shows for every taste. The company adds another 20 to 40 every week.

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