Tired of suffering? Joy is a choice

Written by Dr. Ulla Sebastian

If you hadrepparttar choice between joy and suffering in your life, which would you choose? You would probably say joy. But think about it. Would you really be willing to give up your drama forrepparttar 148646 sake of joy? Or do you think that joy and suffering can exist side by side?

They cannot. Suffering and joy exclude each other. Suffering is fed by feelings of self-devaluation and failure. They confirm one's notion of worthlessness and legitimate one's suffering.

It is important to distinguish between suffering and pain. Pain signalizes an injury or an imbalance in our system. Suffering is a fixation onrepparttar 148647 pain, an attitude of ignorance or an attempt to find an identity.

For many people their life drama isrepparttar 148648 basis of their identity. Their aim in life is to gain recognition forrepparttar 148649 suffering that they have endured. This is a very human and legitimate need. The problem is that recognisingrepparttar 148650 suffering does not cure it. Onrepparttar 148651 contrary.

The knowledge that it gets you attention and compassion from others givesrepparttar 148652 suffering additional value. It becomes a tool for gaining affection. The suffering is thereby strengthened, and it becomes even more difficult to free yourself from its grip.

Suffering can berepparttar 148653 result ofrepparttar 148654 daily little disasters that for many people is a way to feel alive. For some is itrepparttar 148655 only familiar way how to participate in life.

Suffering can also be a quiet accuse that life is unjust and hard. In such a case, you may feel like a victim ofrepparttar 148656 circumstances. As a victim, you give your power torepparttar 148657 circumstances.

We suffer when we lose a loved one. It is important at this point to distinguish betweenrepparttar 148658 pain overrepparttar 148659 loss and suffering. Pain is a natural reaction to loss. The pain passes, if you allow yourself to mournrepparttar 148660 loss. After such active mourning you turn back to life.

Guilt feelings or rage againstrepparttar 148661 injustice ofrepparttar 148662 world feed suffering. If you do not recognise and acknowledge these feelingsrepparttar 148663 suffering then can turn into a victim position.

How Do You Define Your Personal Success

Written by Joseph Rooney

Most people want to succeed, but whose version of "success" isrepparttar bestchoice? How do you measure your success? How do you know when you've really accomplished something that counts?

Success on other people's terms may only mean frustration for you, and doingrepparttar 148610 so-called "right thing" just because you've been told it'srepparttar 148611 right thing won't help, either. If we measure our success by goals that others think worthwhile instead of by our own personal standards, we will wind up in trouble.

Personal growth and fulfillment must start withrepparttar 148612 centered self, and depend on clear personal values and self-knowledge if they are to be sustained. Measuring our success by other people's values prevents us from recognizing many of our own significant accomplishments.

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