Tips to Manage Your Online Business During Vacation time

Written by Lakshmi Menon

Are you planning to go on a vacation leaving your Internet business?

Are you wondering how to manage your online home business in your absence?

If you haverepparttar facility of an internet access in your vacation place, and your business is fully automated, you will be able to manage. If not,repparttar 135428 following tips may be of help to you and you can enjoy your vacation without worries.

1. When you plan your vacation think aboutrepparttar 135429 vital points of your business and write them down in a paper, such as what all points needed attention. Usuallyrepparttar 135430 main points which require attention are handling your customers, replying to their queries and helping them to solve their problems etc. Then comesrepparttar 135431 ad campaign, trackingrepparttar 135432 ad, regular surfing for getting traffic etc.

2. Identify a person who is trust worthy and computer literate. He should be ready to help you withrepparttar 135433 minimum efforts. You can't expect someone to take full charge of your business in your absence. It will be an additional bonus if he/she knows something about your online business. This person can be either your spouse or any family member, or an online friend.

3. Give proper instructions to your friend who will be managing your online business for you. This should includerepparttar 135434 routine questions expected from your customers and your routine replies, so that he/she can answer your clients appropriately. An autoresponder will dorepparttar 135435 work for you. But in some cases, a human reply will be indeed very helpful.


Written by David Moore


Thereís a difference between doing things right and doingrepparttar right things. Which do you think is most important? Is it more important in your homesbased internet business to make sure you do things right or is it more important to make sure you dorepparttar 135419 right things? Before answering this question take a few minutes to think throughrepparttar 135420 difference.

Doing things right means dotting allrepparttar 135421 Iís and crossing allrepparttar 135422 Tís, making sure every procedure and function is carefully followed and everything is well organized. As one of my uncles used to say, ďif a jobís worth doing itís worth doing right.Ē Another expression often used is ďa place for everything and everything in its proper place.Ē Make sure you organize, make sure you donít forget any application, and make sure you follow through diligently.

Well, Iím here to tell you that you can do things right and totally missrepparttar 135423 mark. How so? Itís likerepparttar 135424 example given by Stephen Covey in his popular book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey relates a story about a company that was hired to clear a path through a jungle. They prepared well in advance, making sure allrepparttar 135425 tools were in good repair and even making provision for specialists to accompanyrepparttar 135426 team to keeprepparttar 135427 blades onrepparttar 135428 tools sharpened on a regular basis. There were cooks and dieticians to ensurerepparttar 135429 crew was provided nourishing meals so their strength would not give out. Mathematicians were hired to calculate how much work cold be done each day in order to provide an accurate estimate ofrepparttar 135430 completion date. They were doing things right.

Then someone climbed a tree and looked around and said, WRONG JUNGLE. The lesson? You can have all your ducks in a row and operate a business with absolute precision. Youíre doing things right. Problem is youíre doingrepparttar 135431 wrong things. And if you keep doingrepparttar 135432 wrong things, accurate and precise as they are, you wonít achieverepparttar 135433 desired results.

Itísrepparttar 135434 same way with every aspect of life, including operating an on-line work-from-home business. Too many people spend all their time organizing their office, creating all kinds of email folders, and following every suggestion they read in precise detail, fully believing that this kind of precision will bring success to their endeavor. They have no time left to analyze their business plan to see if they are doingrepparttar 135435 right things, sellingrepparttar 135436 right products based on their own skills and interests, or promotingrepparttar 135437 right services based on what they are passionate about. So they settle for something theyíre not really interested in thinking that organizational factors will compensate for their lack of passion and they will still be successful. Not so. You canít sell any product or any service unless you are fully convinced of its value. You might think you can, but your lack of enthusiasm will be evident in ways you do not even realize.

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