Tips to Help Make Your Disney Vacation Perfect

Written by Heather Wallace

When to Visit

The first of our Walt Disney World Tips is to carefully chooserepparttar time of year when you will vacation. Take into consideration if it is tourist season as you will avoid a lot ofrepparttar 145050 crowds if you visit off-season. You also might want to avoidrepparttar 145051 summer months asrepparttar 145052 Florida weather can get very uncomfortable. Lastly, researchrepparttar 145053 park's schedules for different times ofrepparttar 145054 year because parks inrepparttar 145055 Walt Disney World Resort tend to stay open later during various months.

Rise and Shine

Set your alarm and get torepparttar 145056 park early. Arriving atrepparttar 145057 water parks before noon is a great way to avoidrepparttar 145058 crowds. Also, Animal Kingdom closes early so arriving inrepparttar 145059 morning will give you plenty of time to relax and look around. If you want to have breakfast inrepparttar 145060 Magic Kingdom then get there early and head for eitherrepparttar 145061 Crystal Palace or Cinderella's Royal Table. Both are located on Main Street USA, which opens earlier thanrepparttar 145062 rest of The Magic Kingdom. Whenrepparttar 145063 rest ofrepparttar 145064 park opens you will have quite a headstart onrepparttar 145065 other visitors who will still have to buy tickets to get inrepparttar 145066 park.

Riding Withoutrepparttar 145067 Wait

Fastpass is your friend. Some people are underrepparttar 145068 mistaken impression that you have to pay to use Fastpass, but that isn'trepparttar 145069 case. This handy-dandy little freebie allows you to avoidrepparttar 145070 lines and get right on a ride.

Travel Journals

Written by Doreene Clement

Travel Journals By Doreene Clement

Are you off to a vacation adventure this summer? Have you ever kept a travel journal?

A travel journal is where you write about your personal, family and/or business travels. It can be a separate journal where you record your experiences, details, and even your feelings about your travels, creating a written record of each trip. You can also record your travels, if you already journal, in your existing journal. Just indicate that this is a record of your travels -- That can be accomplished by using a separate color of pen.

You can recordů

Your feelings and experiences.

Allrepparttar locations you visited. You can include a map or draw a map.

The miles and time to travel from location to location.

Who you were with.

Who you met.

What you wore.

Would you go back? Why? What do you want to see?

Where you stayed? You can keeprepparttar 145008 address, phone numbers, names, etc.

What you ate? Again recordrepparttar 145009 address, etc., so you can find it again.

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