Tips on Riding a Narrow Trail

Written by Murray Priestley

A narrow trail or single-track is one that is just wide enough for one biker a time. Sincerepparttar trail is narrow, you might not have any option about where to go! You would also need to preventrepparttar 144280 hitting of your pedals withrepparttar 144281 sides ofrepparttar 144282 trail.

Here arerepparttar 144283 tips to ride on a narrow/single-track trail

* Make yourself familiar with any local rules and regulations aboutrepparttar 144284 use ofrepparttar 144285 trail.

* Always ride at a slow and controlled speed. When making a turn, slow down adequately so you can stop quickly if needed.

* Scan your path for wild critters,repparttar 144286 snakes, squirrels, birds etc. It is a fact thatrepparttar 144287 animals generally make use of a single-track path as they find it more fitting, so be cautious.

* While making your way throughrepparttar 144288 trail, concentrate more on its openings rather thanrepparttar 144289 obstacles.

* Converse with other riders onrepparttar 144290 trail; warnrepparttar 144291 riders that you to wish to pass.

* Be yielding. Offerrepparttar 144292 trail to other riders. In case a rider who is going downhill comes your way while you are climbing, step aside and allow him/her to pass.

* In case you are unable to ride a particular part ofrepparttar 144293 trail, get downrepparttar 144294 bike and walk.

Surviving a Flat Tire at a High Speed

Written by Murray Priestley

Luckily, flats generally do not occur when you are riding at a high speed. This is probably because at a high speed, you are mostly away fromrepparttar shoulders of road, whererepparttar 144279 majority ofrepparttar 144280 flat-producing snippets are present. Secondly, when your tire passes at a higher speed overrepparttar 144281 pointed objects, it is less likely to be pierced by them as compared to a slow moving tire. These are probably alsorepparttar 144282 reasons you usually do not have a flat tire on descent.

Although it is rare, but tire of your bike may go flat at high speed and it is scary as hell. However, if you are careful and fortune favors you, you can survive it. The key to surviving is that when you flat, you do not have to stop immediately. You might hear a hissing sound whenrepparttar 144283 tire flats. Your rim, when touchingrepparttar 144284 surface ofrepparttar 144285 trail causes this sound. You no longer have a cousin of air to ride on, and when that happens, take a lot of time to impede.

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