Tips & Tricks for More Efficiency

Written by Terri Seymour

When running an online business, there are so many important details to remember to take care of. Betweenrepparttar website maintenance, answering emails, writing articles, organizing ad swaps, searching for ezine content, etc., etc., we tend to get a little overwhelmed sometimes.

I would like to share some of my timesaving tips & tricks that I use to help me get things done more efficiently.

*Ezine Publishing

Save each issue of your ezine and just change what is necessary for each issue. When you come across a resource you would like to share with your readers, you can then just open uprepparttar 131867 template and slaprepparttar 131868 resource in place.

Print out all your ad swaps and writerepparttar 131869 date that each ad will run as you finalize each swap. Keep them all in their own file folder, so each week (or when your ezine is published) when you go through them,repparttar 131870 dates will be easily seen andrepparttar 131871 ads will be organized. I find that this way of organizing my swaps is much easier than searching through email folders and floppies forrepparttar 131872 correct ads to run for each issue. I also use this method with my ad sales.

Keep all your past issues on floppy or CD, so when you reuse some of your ads or promotions you can just copy and paste intorepparttar 131873 current issue.

*Writing & Submitting Articles

You definitely want to have an idea notebook. Each time you get an idea for an article, write it down inrepparttar 131874 notebook. I usually get my ideas as I am getting Web Success ready to send out, but when I do get an idea between issues, I will write it down.

As you are writingrepparttar 131875 article, think to yourself, what information did I need and/or want to know about this subject when I was first starting. Just start writing as if you were telling a friend or family member about it. For me, it flows more naturally that way.

Have all your editor emails and article list addresses saved in their own email file. Also, save your "Dear Editor" email. When you finish each article, paste it intorepparttar 131876 saved email, copy and paste your editor addresses intorepparttar 131877 Bcc line and click send. Next open your saved article list email, pasterepparttar 131878 current article into it, pasterepparttar 131879 list addresses intorepparttar 131880 Bcc line and click send. What could take an hour or more now takes about 10 minutes.

Customise your Send To menu

Written by Dianne Reuby

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Customise your Send To menu by Dianne Reuby

Question : How can I open my file in a different program - easily?

Answer : Customise your "Send To" menu

Windows "associates" files with programs according torepparttar file extension andrepparttar 131864 software installed onrepparttar 131865 computer. So "myfile.doc" will be associated with your default word processor, "any.gif" will be associated with your default picture viewer or editor.

Great - just one click onrepparttar 131866 filename, and it loadsrepparttar 131867 program. What a time saver!

But what if you don't wantrepparttar 131868 file to load in its' associated program?

For example: my PC has quite a few .html files (web pages) stored on it. Some I've saved when surfing, some I've created. Windows associates these with my browser - after all, where else would you want to view a web page?

Quite often, in my web page editor! Or if I just want to make a small change to one of my pages, in my text editor. So, loadrepparttar 131869 program, choose File, then Open, search for my directory and file, and ... what was I going to do? Can't quite remember, now!

You don't have to go this route. In Windows 98, if you right-click on a file, you get a pop-up menu. One ofrepparttar 131870 choices is "Send To". You can easily add items to this menu, so that you can load in a file inrepparttar 131871 program of your choice rather thanrepparttar 131872 default program.

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