Tips for moving to another country

Written by Rod Morris

BE SURE - Moving can be extremely stressful, be as certain as you can be that it'srepparttar right move for you before you go. If possible visitrepparttar 141310 country before you make up your mind, don't rely on other people's impressions. Ask yourself ifrepparttar 141311 new culture will really suit you (and your family).

BE PREPARED - ...For anything and everything to go wrong. Don't assume that you'll be able to findrepparttar 141312 perfect job or house immediately. If possible make sure you've got enough money to see you throughrepparttar 141313 first couple of months atrepparttar 141314 very least (preferably longer). And to do that you'll need to...

BUDGET - As unglamorous as it sounds, good budgeting could be what makesrepparttar 141315 difference between a successful relocation and a disaster. Before you go, work out what everything is going to cost during those crucial first months when you're trying to find your feet in a foreign land.

DON'T DELAY - Start preparing as early as possible, just getting allrepparttar 141316 necessary paperwork in order can take a long time. Make a checklist of everything you need to do!

CHECK YOUR BENEFITS - If your company has initiated your move you may be eligible for relocation benefits. Make sure you ask if they haven't told you already!

HEALTH - Make sure thatrepparttar 141317 country you are moving to has adequate healthcare facilities and infrastructure to support you (and your family), especially if you suffer from a medical condition which requires treatment or medication.

YOUR HOME - Think about what you want to do with your current home (e.g. sell it, lease it, leave it empty) and what kind of accommodation will be most suitable in your new country. If you don't know anyone inrepparttar 141318 new country who can help find accommodation, considerrepparttar 141319 services of a relocation agent.

EMPLOYMENT - Will you be looking for work in your new country? If so, consider starting your job hunt before you go (userepparttar 141320 Internet!) Will you be able to use your existing qualifications or will a period of retraining be necessary? If you're moving somewhere where they don't speakrepparttar 141321 same language as you then you should...

LEARN THE LANGUAGE - Few skills will have such a positive impact on your relocation experience as being able to speak, or at least understand,repparttar 141322 local language. Getting to grips withrepparttar 141323 local lingo before you go is a great idea!

PAPERWORK - No matter how insignificant that old document atrepparttar 141324 back ofrepparttar 141325 bottom drawer may seem now, take it with you,repparttar 141326 chances are at some stage you'll have to show it to someone. Moving countries can be a bureaucratic nightmare atrepparttar 141327 best of times but if you come prepared withrepparttar 141328 necessary paperwork you standrepparttar 141329 best chance of a stress free relocation. Things to think about include birth certificates, wedding certificates, educational certificates, medical certificates (including those for your pets!), etc.

FRIENDS & FAMILY - Don't forget to inform everyone of your new address and when you're going (unless you don't want them to find you, of course ;-) Seriously though, saying goodbye to friends and family can berepparttar 141330 hardest thing about leaving, be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride asrepparttar 141331 day of departure draws near.

Rough Guide to Spain

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

Spain isrepparttar cultural centre of Europe andrepparttar 141280 third most popular tourist destination inrepparttar 141281 world; furthermore it is home to an ever growing eclectic mix of expatriates from aroundrepparttar 141282 globe.

Those who choose to visit or relocate to Spain are drawn byrepparttar 141283 country’s charm, beauty and passionate people: this rough guide to Spain will give you an introduction to this fascinating, rich and diverse country.

The Environment and Climate

Mainland Spain is located in South Western Europe. It makes up about 80% ofrepparttar 141284 Iberian Peninsula which it shares with Portugal and Gibraltar.

The Pyrenees formrepparttar 141285 north-eastern edge ofrepparttar 141286 Peninsula, andrepparttar 141287 Peninsula is bordered byrepparttar 141288 Mediterranean Sea onrepparttar 141289 south and east, and byrepparttar 141290 Atlantic Ocean onrepparttar 141291 north and west. Mainland Spain also borders Andorra and France.

Mainland Spain enjoys a beautiful Mediterranean climate with hot summers and withrepparttar 141292 winters being divided into relatively cold inrepparttar 141293 interior, temperate onrepparttar 141294 coast and fair onrepparttar 141295 islands that make uprepparttar 141296 Kingdom of Spain.

Further Spanish territories and tourist hotspots arerepparttar 141297 Balearic Islands inrepparttar 141298 Mediterranean Sea:repparttar 141299 main islands making uprepparttar 141300 Balearics are Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera - andrepparttar 141301 Canary Islands inrepparttar 141302 Atlantic Sea:repparttar 141303 seven islands making uprepparttar 141304 Canaries are Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and Fuertaventura.

The Kingdom of Spain also consists of two cities in North Africa called Ceuta and Melilla.

Spain’s Historical Background

Spain was oncerepparttar 141305 most powerful nation in Europe and derived most of its wealth atrepparttar 141306 time from its colonization ofrepparttar 141307 Americas which began withrepparttar 141308 arrival of Christopher Columbus inrepparttar 141309 Americas in 1492.

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