Tips for Working at home

Written by John Lynch

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Tips for Working at Home

The wonders ofrepparttar 117377 Internet and mobile phones make working at home far easier than inrepparttar 117378 past. Commuting , long hours and wasted time atrepparttar 117379 endless round of meetings can become a nostalgic memory.

However, working at home requires discipline. Images of watching day-time TV or pottering aroundrepparttar 117380 garden must be put aside. Self-employed people must keep focused on setting uprepparttar 117381 business and sticking to deadlines.

Remember, you have not said goodbye torepparttar 117382 boss. Your customers become your new boss with similar whims and demands.

Essential tips for working successfully at home are:

Don't become self-employed unless you are prepared to be very organised. Whether keeping records or chasing debts,repparttar 117383 burden is on you to succeed. If you don't do these things, your competitors will!

Get proper office space where you can work undisturbed. Avoidrepparttar 117384 living room.

How to Make Sales by Going the Extra Mile

Written by Laurie Meade

An interesting thing happened today. I had a "newbie" marketer email me with a question. Although I knewrepparttar answer to his question, I didn't feel super confident in conveying itrepparttar 117375 way it needed to be said.

I had just finished reviewing an ebook for my next ezine, "Yes You Can!"

A review of "Ebook Farming, by Dennis Gaiskel. So I forwardedrepparttar 117376 question torepparttar 117377 author, asking for his assistance.

Dennis sent back a 3 paragraph answer. It was wonderful. It was then forwarded to my subscriber and I also recommended he getrepparttar 117378 Ebook.

I gave him my honest opinion ofrepparttar 117379 ebook and ofrepparttar 117380 author.

Lo and behold, a few hours later, I checked my email. I had made a sale through clickbank torepparttar 117381 subscriber for Ebook Farming.

I also had another email fromrepparttar 117382 subscriber, who, had problems atrepparttar 117383 download page and hadn't received his bonuses.

My perception, fromrepparttar 117384 way that email read, told me that this could've been, this person's first online information product purchase!

He said,

Thank you, Laurie. I boughtrepparttar 117385 book, even though I really couldn't afford it atrepparttar 117386 time (but my wife is out, so :-) )

I messed up by hitting delete, after I downloadedrepparttar 117387 ebook, and didn't get my bonuses :-( . But, I wrote him, maybe he is compassionate and will let me have them anyway. :-) Thanks again,

I answered:

He will answer you, when he gets your email, he will help you anyway you need. He gets a lot of emails, so it may take him a while to get back to you, especially since it is a weekend.

Let me know what you think, I know this ebook will help you quite a bit. Laurie

Now part of my mind was saying to myself, "I hope he likes this ebook as much as I did!" There was a little doubt and worry there.

Another part of my mind was saying, "There is no way this guy cannot be pleased after he has read this ebook!" Dennis goes way above and beyondrepparttar 117388 average information seller in delivering more than you expect to learn.

I finishedrepparttar 117389 email asking him to let me know what he thinks ofrepparttar 117390 ebook.

A few hours later I get an email that starts out like this:

I will tell you what I think. (oh uh!) "I thought!"

It's a good thing I didn't stop reading there, LOL

I will tell you what I think. I think you are a very special person! You have really gone out of your way to help me, and I appreciate it. If there is ever any thing I can do to help you, please let me know. Thanks,

"Wow, all in a few short emails, a little time out of a days work.

A few simple emails provided my business

--- a commission, ---sold an ebook for a colleague, ---and got a testimonial torepparttar 117391 type of response I provide to my subscribers questions.

Imagine what kind of business you would have if you treated every customer with this type of TLC (tender loving care!)

How to Make Sales by Goingrepparttar 117392 Extra Mile

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