Tips for Handling Bogus Phone Calls

Written by Kevin Carraway

They may say that their car has broken down and they need to phone someone for help. They may pretend to be a workman, saying that they need to check your electricity or water. They might even claim to be fromrepparttar council and that they are carrying out a local survey. Whatever reason a caller gives, you need to be sure that they aren't just trying to get into your home to steal something.

There are around 12,000 incidents of "distraction burglary" each year, where callers get into homes and then steal cash or valuables whilerepparttar 142905 occupier is distracted in some way. Sometimes they work in pairs, with one doingrepparttar 142906 talking whilerepparttar 142907 other is stealing and they often targetrepparttar 142908 elderly.

Be on your guard every timerepparttar 142909 doorbell rings, or there's a knock at your door. Look out of your window to see who's there first and if you don't know whorepparttar 142910 person is, openrepparttar 142911 window slightly and talk to them that way, rather than opening your door. Alternatively, have a viewer fitted in your front door so that you can take a good look at who's there first. If your eyesight isn't so good, don't worry as you can now get wide-angle viewers to help you see better.

Putrepparttar 142912 door chain or door bar on before openingrepparttar 142913 door and talk throughrepparttar 142914 gap. You could even fit a small mirror torepparttar 142915 wall next torepparttar 142916 door so that you can easily seerepparttar 142917 person you are talking to. Whenrepparttar 142918 caller has left and you've closedrepparttar 142919 door, don't forget to unhookrepparttar 142920 chain so that any friend or relative you have given a key to can still get in. Make sure your back door is locked if someone knocks at your front door. Sometimes thieves work together with one coming inrepparttar 142921 back way, whilerepparttar 142922 other keeps you talking atrepparttar 142923 front.

The Big Lie

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

B.S.: -THE BIG LIE! There are many techniques to deceive in our 'expert' and professional ‘spin doctors' medicine bags. Stonewalling wasrepparttar word for Nixon in Watergate. Plausible deniability is often used. The presentation of statistics that befuddlerepparttar 142667 befuddled who generaterepparttar 142668 Bell Curves can amaze evenrepparttar 142669 best of us. Speaking with certainty about something uncertain isrepparttar 142670 stock and trade of most experts. After all who would tell such barefaced lies? They do haverepparttar 142671 sheepskin to prove they know what they talk about. The rationalizing process is common to all humanity and there need be nothing wrong with admitting error and mistake. However, it is a rare time when you'll find a doctor or other expert admit they didn't know what they were talking about, or simply followed 'convention' rather than involve themself inrepparttar 142672 kind of process they'd use to verify their diagnosis if it was their 'loved one' onrepparttar 142673 cutting table, or in jail, or about to face some other social disaster.

It would be hard to say what isrepparttar 142674 biggest lie ever told, and we will explore many of them,repparttar 142675 one bullet theory and 'The Flat Earth' fiction that includes man didn't travel in ancient times is just aboutrepparttar 142676 crème de la crème. It seems if you call somethingrepparttar 142677 exact opposite of what it is; then people can be soldrepparttar 142678 story just as much as if you tellrepparttar 142679 little white lie. Remember to keep a straight face and stick to your guns. The concept of 'caveat emptor' or 'buyer beware' isrepparttar 142680 rule that follows fromrepparttar 142681 Golden Rule (He who hasrepparttar 142682 gold rules.). Political platforms and journalistic history seem quite adept at this art which was perfected when power became more important than truth and 'brotherhood'. Language and semantical hair-splitting can obfuscate any issue torepparttar 142683 point that good people with righteous intent give up trying to figure out what is going on - and 'go withrepparttar 142684 flow' or takerepparttar 142685 'path of least resistance'. Laws are meant to be used judiciously rather than applied to manage in some selective mannerrepparttar 142686 targets likerepparttar 142687 poor or people from other countries and circumstances; we need just and ethical future behavior starting atrepparttar 142688 top. Revenge and 'getting yours' isrepparttar 142689 God of violence and greed.

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