Tips for Encouraging Children To Write

Written by Deborah Shelton

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Tips for Encouraging Children to Write By Deborah Shelton

Want to encourage your child's love of writing? Or inspire one who would rather do anything but write? The answer may be as simple as findingrepparttar 109444 right pen. Just as your child may have had a security blanket or an impossibly dirty teddy bear that she refused to let you kidnap torepparttar 109445 dark recesses ofrepparttar 109446 washing machine, she may need a special writing tool that's all her own.

This doesn't mean that you need to run out and buy a "special" $500 Mont Blanc fountain pen. Perhaps a pen with a case in her signature color would work. Mayberepparttar 109447 ink needs to be justrepparttar 109448 right shade of purple. Take your little one on a stroll throughrepparttar 109449 pen section of an art supply or stationery store and let her choose. Seeing such a wide array of writing supplies may spur interest on its own.

Once you have tracked down a favorite pen, try to do as many creative things as you can think of to get your child to use it.

1. Everyday Writing: Use everyday situations to help children practice their writing. For example,repparttar 109450 next time you write a grocery list, have your child sit next to you and write a list of her favorite foods. Whenever you write thank-you notes, your child can write a miss-you letter to Grandma and Grandpa. Time to pay bills? Have your little one write about a recent dream while you write checks.

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