Tips and Bits!

Written by Jordan Francis

Tips & bits... By Jordan Francis.

==> There are NO secrets to making money online. Just hard work, knowledge, money inrepparttar first place and scams which don't last!

I recommend you grab yourself your very own personal mentor. It will save you a lot of time, money and hair pulling! Check out whose doing what you want to be doing, and ask them to help you...

==> There is not one single info-product that contains all you need to know about making money online. There is no such thing asrepparttar 117320 "only book you need".

Usually,repparttar 117321 most successful ($$$) people making money online are those who spendrepparttar 117322 most on their own education (ebooks, courses, workshops, seminars etc). Terry Dean claimed he spent something like $20'000 last year alone on his "education".

Now that's serious! Of course Terry actually applies what he learns, that's how he can afford to spend $20'000 inrepparttar 117323 first place...

==> Right now,repparttar 117324 last thing I feel like doing (apart from running face first in to a propeller - joke), is sitting here typing this issue for you! Why? Because at this moment, I have no interest or motivation, and I have a thousand other things I would actually rather do, than sit here typing this. :-)

So why tell you this?

BECAUSE I want to show you that sometimes, no matter what, you HAVE to get off your butt and take action! Sometimes you just have to do it, and for me right now, it's typing this issue. I am not a robot. I will get down, I will lose interest from time to time. If I was to just stop and quit every time I felt like this, I would NEVER achieve anything in life.

You ever feel like quitting something? Unless it's smoking... don't! ;-) At least give it some serious thought first.

Warning: That Program Will Not Make Money For You!

Written by Dane Morgan

By Dane Morgan

Every day I surfrepparttar web looking for software, programs, new ideas, wholesalers and a host of other things and every day I find a dozen new “Magic Systems” that proclaim themselves to berepparttar 117319 newest greatest thing sincerepparttar 117320 last newest greatest thing.

They all scream out torepparttar 117321 would be internet millionaire telling him just how well they will work for him. - 7,000,000 Targeted Visitors Guaranteed! - If This Doesn’t Make You Money, Nothing Will! - You can make $5,000 To 20,000 In You Spare Time! - Amazing Formula Floods Your Bank Account With Money!

You’ve seen these; and more, I’ll bet.

Now I am sure that some of them actually are good solid programs with proven techniques that, if worked, work. But that’srepparttar 117322 clincher; they don’t make you a dime if you join up pay your dues and sit back and wait. They work, if you work them.

For instance, I belong torepparttar 117323 MPAM Team. It is a great system and generates a lot of traffic for me. Or does it? MPAM does not generate a single hit for me until I takerepparttar 117324 initiative and put some work into it. Evenrepparttar 117325 “Free” hits that I got from it when I signed up required that I go throughrepparttar 117326 lessons and sign up for some programs. Had I stopped there, my small efforts would have yielded some small results. But if I really wantedrepparttar 117327 system to work for me I had to make a commitment to workrepparttar 117328 system.

That means hittingrepparttar 117329 exchanges and generating some hits through them. That means Mailing torepparttar 117330 safe lists and posting torepparttar 117331 FFAs and directories. That means going back throughrepparttar 117332 lessons until I understand them, or asking for help inrepparttar 117333 chat room or forums if I can’t understand them on my own. It means I have to do whatrepparttar 117334 system requires sorepparttar 117335 system can producerepparttar 117336 results it is designed to produce.

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