Tips To Help You Sell Your Car For More Money

Written by Gregory Thomas

Are you getting ready to sell your car, truck or van? Use these tips to help you getrepparttar most for your automobile before you place an ad inrepparttar 149369 newspaper.

Where To Start


You might find it hard to believe, but simply giving attention to minor details, can get you $300-$1500 more for your car! And you might not even spend a single penny. Only a few hours of your time.

A well known secret of used car dealerships isrepparttar 149370 importance of a GOOD detail job. If you've never heard of auto detailing, you'd be surprised at what it can do for an automobiles' appearance.

What does it mean to 'detail' an automobile?

Think of it this way. Paying special attention to every DETAIL ofrepparttar 149371 car. Interior, exterior, underrepparttar 149372 hood, inrepparttar 149373 trunk.

Using special cleaners and enhancement products,repparttar 149374 detailer will bring outrepparttar 149375 "shine" in practically any old clunker.

The typical price range for an auto detail is $50-$90. Prices are slightly higher for larger vans and trucks due to their size. Look in your local yellow pages for local auto detailers. Takerepparttar 149376 time to call a few up and inquire aboutrepparttar 149377 'price for service'. Be sure you tell them what type of automobile you have so they will be able to give you an accurate quote.

On Your Own


If you do not want to spendrepparttar 149378 money for an auto detail, take it into your own hands, but be prepared to get a little dirty.

I can't stress enoughrepparttar 149379 importance of a sparkling clean car. You MUST clean out everything if you want to get top dollar for your auto. People WILL spend more money on a car that has a "shine" to it. It givesrepparttar 149380 impression thatrepparttar 149381 car has been well taken care of overrepparttar 149382 years.

Think about it, would you spend your hard earned money on a car that looks completely trashed?

Start withrepparttar 149383 interior. Why? Because you don't want to wash and waxrepparttar 149384 outside, then vacuum and cleanrepparttar 149385 inside which will just getrepparttar 149386 exterior dirty again.

If you don't have a powerful vacuum that can handlerepparttar 149387 carpets and seats, ask a friend or neighbor. When asking, inquire about a steam cleaner. This is optimal for a deep, thorough clean.

If your resources turn up empty, checkrepparttar 149388 yellow/white pages for any "Wash- It- Yourself" car washes in your area. They generally have powerful vacuums that cost around fifty cents for approximately three minutes of use.

When you are cleaningrepparttar 149389 interior, don't forget to clean underrepparttar 149390 seats, insiderepparttar 149391 glove box, ashtrays, trunk, anywhere and everywhere dirt and grime has accumulated.

You Will Need These


If you do not have these products already, really consider purchasing: ArmorAll, engine degreaser, some type of polishing wax.

How You Feel Affects How You Shop & How Much You Spend

Written by Gregory Thomas

Have you ever stopped to think about how your "mood" affectsrepparttar way you shop, not to mentionrepparttar 149368 amount you spend? Think about it.

If you want to save a lot of money, avoid shopping whenever you are in one of these moods:


It's very dangerous for your pocketbook to shop when you're either depressed, upset or angry. Why?

Many people find that shopping takes their mind away from their problems. In fact, it probably does. But how much does it cost you?

Not only does shopping not solve your problems, but you will also spend money that you did not originally intend to spend.

When you're not feeling "well", instead of shopping, do something where you do not have to spend money. Go to a park. Check outrepparttar 149369 local library. Go on a nice jog or bike ride.

Remember that if you HAVE to get out ofrepparttar 149370 house, plan an activity where you do not have to spend money. You'll feel much better about this decision after you have cooled down (or cheered up). :-)

Envy Shopping

Sounds terrible doesn't it, but you'd be surprised to learn how many of us purchase quite a number of items out of envy.

Does a friend have a "cool" $600 leather jacket that you want? Have a cousin who drives a flashy sports car?

Who cares!!

That doesn't mean you have to spend all your hard earned money to compete with them. Buy what you want, when you want, and not because someone else has it.

Sale Shopper

Unless you actually need or want to shop for certain products, don't go to store "sales".

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