Tips On Running A Baseball Tryout

Written by Coach John Peter

Tips On Running A Baseball Tryout

If you need a tryout format for your league, All-Stars, or for an individual team, here are some good guidelines that are flexible and give coaches a good idea ofrepparttar players' abilities.

Make sure you run them. Whatever distances your bases are, make sure they run a dash from home to first and a dash from home to second. Time and log everything! HINT: Run them side by side if you are running inrepparttar 150917 outfield. The competition makes for better times.

Hitting will make or break a team. Have a coach or a consistent pitching machine throw about 10 pitches to every player. Giving only 3 or 4 pitches may eliminate some good hitters. Don't always look forrepparttar 150918 guy who can knock one overrepparttar 150919 fence if he strikes out a lot. Look forrepparttar 150920 guys who hitrepparttar 150921 ball hard, hopefully gap doubles. While some players are hitting, make sure you have other groups doing something else, such as running or fielding. Don't put allrepparttar 150922 guys onrepparttar 150923 field and have them play a game.....yet. When picking your team, always pickrepparttar 150924 guy that may hit for average and hopefully, some power. Remember, base hits will win you more ball games thanrepparttar 150925 occasional long ball.

Fielding.... When hitting to them, make sure you hit pop ups, grounders, line drives, slow rollers, and make them go right and left. I would take a guy who is a below average hitter and an above average fielder rather than a good hitter and a poor fielder (you just run out of places to hide them on defense, especially if you have more than one of this type of player). Offense wins games but pitching and defense prevents losses. Another potential problem to avoid isrepparttar 150926 guy that is very limited to one position. This absolutely will hurt you more than you can imagine. You will find yourself realigning an entire teamís defense when that one catcher-only or 1st baseman-only player is on your roster. Let me list what positions need what attributes:

Catcher- Needs to be a very loud, aware take charge guy; May be evenrepparttar 150927 smartest and most baseball-knowledgeable player on your team. You can't have a slow catcher, he must be agile and quick. If not, sooner or later it will come back to haunt you.

1st baseman- Also can't be very slow or it will hurt you. He must be able to cover some ground as more infield errors occur from bad throws than missed balls!

2nd baseman- Quick hands and quick feet. Doesn't have to be very big so he needs to be able to make contact atrepparttar 150928 plate especially if he is small and doesnít bring too much pop withrepparttar 150929 bat.

How To Have Better Camping Trips.

Written by Marc Wiltse

Tired of packing too much or not bringing critical camping gear for your camping trips?

Camping trips can be a great way to relax and get away from it all. But with a little planning you could make them even better. Since different areas offer different challenges start off by making a camping list and/or hiking gear list you might need. This will also help get you started...

Are there any wildlife that may be an issue on your trip? Bears, raccoons, snakes, spiders, and mosquitos are just a handful of wildlife to consider on your camp trips.

What weather is possible? Packrepparttar right gear forrepparttar 150916 trip. Doesrepparttar 150917 weather vary much? Do you need rain gear? Doesrepparttar 150918 temperature fluctuate between extremes like it does inrepparttar 150919 desert or are biting insects a problem? If it's a trip you haven't taken before ask someone who has or call your guide or host.

What do you want to do? Are you taking a camping trip to relax or are you looking for full physical involvement? Do you want to camp only, or would you like to throw in some hiking, fishing, kayaking, rafting, or mountain biking intorepparttar 150920 mix?

Do you like rustic camping or do you think flush toilets and warm running water are a good thing. ;-) If you like travelling in RV comfort, are looking for tips, or if you need help selecting a campground, take a look at Your RV Lifestyle before your next camping trip.

Consider your level of fitness. Your level of fitness will determine how much you enjoy your trip. If you're going to be doing demanding activities be honest with yourself and make sure you're up torepparttar 150921 challenge, because pushing yourself too far will only make you miserable.

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