Tips On Overcoming Sales Resistance

Written by Ken Levine

Tips On Overcoming Sales Resistance When your clients and prospects resist your sales presentation are they really saying NO or are they asking you questions in order to make an informed decision? Resistance can come in a variety of forms: The client may not like you, they may not like your product or service or they simply would preferrepparttar status quo (change is not an option.) Ifrepparttar 138374 prospect doesn’t like you, you may never be able to recover. People buy from people they like and people who they perceive are like them. If you don’t establish a strong relationship with your prospect right fromrepparttar 138375 beginning, no matter how good your product or service may be, you probably will not be able to give it away. Inrepparttar 138376 first meeting with your prospect, focus onrepparttar 138377 relationship not on selling. Work on developing your relationship and establishing credibility with your prospect. How do you distinguish yourself fromrepparttar 138378 competition? one wants to be sold anything, however, most of us love to make an informed decision to buy a product or service. Give your prospectrepparttar 138379 respect they deserve. Ask questions: Do you have an agenda for this meeting? How did you get into this line of work? What strategies have you used to create your current success? What arerepparttar 138380 problems that you see limitingrepparttar 138381 future growth of your business? Are you always prepared with a list of powerful, impactful questions to ask your clients and prospects? How much time do you spend preparing for each sales call? Do you just show up and hope everything will turn out OK? Adequate preparation and well thought out questions could very well makerepparttar 138382 difference in establishing your relationship and credibility with your prospect as well as a creating successful outcome. If your prospect is resistant to your service or product, how do you overcome their objections? Is your product or service an investment to your client to help him/her solve a problem and improve bottom line profits or is it viewed as an expense? Have you been able to determinerepparttar 138383 real reasons why you are getting resistance? Picture an onion – your job is to peel back each layer ofrepparttar 138384 onion until you get torepparttar 138385 core ofrepparttar 138386 onion andrepparttar 138387 real problem thatrepparttar 138388 client is facing. Then and only then will you be able to present alternative solutions to help your prospect solverepparttar 138389 problem. NO PROBLEM...NO SALE!!! NO PAIN FOR THE PROSPECT…NO GAIN FOR YOU!!! Can you show an ROI forrepparttar 138390 product or service you are offering?

The Runaway Bride . . . yeah right!

Written by Jim Meisenheimer

The story making allrepparttar headlines last week about, what's her name, Jennifer Wilbanks makes me want to gag. If you don't care for straight talk you might want to delete this before reading anymore.

Whoever said life was supposed to be a bowl of strawberries?

Whoever said life was supposed to be fair?

Whoever said watching reality TV has anything to do with reality?

Whoever said if you mess up it's OK to blame it on some other person?

Whoever said you are entitled to anything?

Whoever said it's OK to live with your parents until you 40?

Whoever said you don't have to work your butt off to become a success?

Whoever said it's OK to call off your wedding by claiming to be kidnapped?

Whoever said any of these things, whoever believes any of these things, will never achieve any degree of personal success.

I'm not writing this to bash what's her name - she's already got enough problems. I'm writing this for you and to remind myself how important personal accountability is. If you have a problem - resolve to fix it. Do something. Do anything. But don't Runaway and don't point fingers at another living human being. Let me explain.

Some of you know, depending on how long you've been a subscriber, that my younger brother Ray was killed on September 11th atrepparttar 138361 World Trade Center. This thing we call life is very precious. It drives me nuts, even infuriates me, that some people don't grabrepparttar 138362 reins and take more control of their own destiny. My brother Ray, along with hundreds of NYC firefighters, chose to run uprepparttar 138363 stairway, while thousands of other people were racing down that same stairway.

My brother had a choice.

What's her name also had a choice.

One was courageous and one was stupid and self-serving.

Likewise you face choices everyday in your sales career. You choose to get up early, hitrepparttar 138364 snooze button, make milk-run sales calls, call on people you know instead of calling on people you ought to get to know. You might choose to be disorganized, you might choose to be late often, you may choose to have a lousy attitude when things aren't going exactly right.

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