Tips On How To Make Some Noise In Your Local Marketplace

Written by Michael Lemm

Here's some easy and inexpensive ways to make some Noise in your local marketplace and get you and your MLM business noticed. In many cases you're not trying to deliver your product message or directly recruit new distributors but to let your local area or community know you exist and set a postive image for your business ... and maybe take a look at what you have to offer.

- Joinrepparttar Chamber of Commerce (a cheap investment) and be active! Attend events, contribute door prizes for "mixers". Become an officer or join a committee.

- Write an article for your local paper or "Pennysaver" - an article that's not about you or your product but aboutrepparttar 122453 "problem" that you and your product solve.

- Join local service clubs such as Rotary, Lions, etc. and network

- Look for local businesses who are "complementary" to yours, e.g.. a health club/gym and a health/nutritional product. What could you do together that makes more Noise than either alone? Run a seminar, sponsor an event, buy a booth at a local craft or trade show?

....Real World MLM Marketing Tips....

Written by Michael Lemm

Here's another real world example of how some folks market their MLM business AND products/services:

Our area has an event called a "Homearama" annually every fall. For this event select builders inrepparttar area construct a number of houses at a pre-determined site (usually a new or nearly new development) forrepparttar 122452 purpose of "showing" new construction methods, designs, landscaping, interior decorating, trends, floor plans, gadgets, etc. They also showcaserepparttar 122453 homes for sale and alsorepparttar 122454 arearepparttar 122455 homes are built in. There are about 5 cities which alternate hosting this event.

The Homearama is a huge event that allrepparttar 122456 surrounding communities look forward to every year.....and draws 1,000's of visitors over about a 1 week time period. This is a great opportunity to "reach"repparttar 122457 public with a targeted campaign if you plan well. just imaginerepparttar 122458 networking possibilities.

For example I've seenrepparttar 122459 following:

1. The entrance torepparttar 122460 area whererepparttar 122461 home tours start goes through a long series of "tents" lined with booths populated by various companies and products. You HAVE to walk through this area to get torepparttar 122462 homes....and again when you leave. Can you say captive audience?

I've seen a couple groups set up booths in this area offering their products or services (signs, banners, brochures, business cards, etc.). They also have a raffle or contest where some lucky visitor can win free products or services. The typical fill out an entry form with contact info & drop it in a box....withrepparttar 122463 drawing heldrepparttar 122464 last day (not required to be present).

What's this do?

First it gains branding. A few sales directly and lots of interested folks picking up "information" and/or samples. And of course lots of coversations to follow-up on.

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