Tips In Buying The Ultimate Car At Low Cost

Written by John G. Nuble

You donít really need to berepparttar ultimate car geek to figure outrepparttar 143472 ins and outs of savings when buying a new car. You just need some car buying tips, a calculator, a notepad and pen and mental savvy to playrepparttar 143473 cost game with a couple of car dealers.

To set you onrepparttar 143474 road torepparttar 143475 car that youíve always wanted withoutrepparttar 143476 burden of high costs, here are some car buying tips guaranteed to lighten your path.

Car buying tip #1: Do your price homework.

In order to getrepparttar 143477 best deal, you have to first determine whatrepparttar 143478 fair price is forrepparttar 143479 car that you want and whatrepparttar 143480 car costs in various car dealers. Researching forrepparttar 143481 fair price can be a bit tricky as all dealers would have different prices. One way to do this is to log on to websites such as,,, AutoWeb,, and AutoUSA and see what their prices are. After comparing, you will have a fairly good idea how it costs.

Car buying tip #2: Price is not everything

While price isrepparttar 143482 motor that would keep your car buying running, it is notrepparttar 143483 only thing that you should consider. Most car dealers would have a promo of some sort whether it be a free service, free parts or lower interest rates in financing. Look at this also along withrepparttar 143484 price. One may have lower prices but may not offerrepparttar 143485 same package.

Car buying tip #3: Compare and tell

Having done your price homework, you can now userepparttar 143486 data to haggle with car dealers. Tell each of them that you are looking atrepparttar 143487 prices of several dealers. Quote some prices to make them believe you. Knowing this, they will give you their lowest possible price and may even offer some good deals just to prevent you from buying your car at their competitor.

Sites To Help You In Car Buying Online

Written by John G. Nuble

With everything virtually possible, why not car buying online?

In fact inrepparttar past years, car buying online has evolved from tips and comparison charts to honest-to-goodness online transactions. Gone arerepparttar 143471 days when you have to personally scout for your dream car, hopping from one store to another, talking to car dealers and comparing prices.

Now, buyers can go online and do all this and moreÖ that is if you know where to look inrepparttar 143472 World Wide Web. Here are some sites that will help you make car buying online as easy as shopping for grocery. So click away and take that virtual shopping cart.

The comparison strategy

Web sites like AutoVantage allows users to look at several models, their specifications and features and to compare them with each other. It also gives you an idea on what specific car model suits your needs, lifestyle and of courserepparttar 143473 budget. Car buying online has never been easier as websites like these allow for clearer and faster comparisons as you are given prices and features atrepparttar 143474 drop ofrepparttar 143475 hat. There are also resources onrepparttar 143476 site that would help you answer those frequently asked questions about car buying online.

Price isrepparttar 143477 name ofrepparttar 143478 game

If you have already been car buying a few weeks now and knowrepparttar 143479 model that you want, you can check your dream carís prices online before going to different car dealers and haggling. The is a site that gives you competitive prices that you can choose from. You no longer need to visit several dealers as this site makes car buying online or even offline a breeze.

Virtual loans and finances

Who says you can only avail of financial arrangement through face to face transactions? Withrepparttar 143480 advent of super technology, car buying online has become a one-or-two clicks activity. One useful site isrepparttar 143481 E-loan, which offers loans and other financial arrangements. The site also contains various resources that would help people who are car buying online forrepparttar 143482 first time.

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