Tips For the Late Blooming Computer User

Written by Lisa Lake

For years Iíve been a stay-at-home mom, and I have only recently gone back intorepparttar work force. Iíve done pretty well for myself, but I could have really saved some time and frustration inrepparttar 107892 beginning if Iíd just known a few things about how to use a computer.

I come fromrepparttar 107893 era ofrepparttar 107894 typewriter and adding machine, andrepparttar 107895 computer was really intimidating to me at first. When I first enteredrepparttar 107896 business world, I lived in constant fear of losing my document or crashing my machine. The word processor was my enemy, as was business email. The only thing I could figure out was how to open incoming messages. This was fine for trading those cute stories about angels with my friends, but it had my boss in a rage. Now, those of you who knowrepparttar 107897 difference between an attachment and a hyperlink can stop reading, but if youíre as confused as I once was, read on. Iíve got some useful tips.

First, face your fear. The computer is just a machine. Itís not going to yell at you or blow up. Donít be afraid to press a key or click on an icon (those little picture boxes that link you to programs and things.) Quite often I would end up staring at my screen afraid to move, because I didnít know what to do next and I was afraid ofrepparttar 107898 consequences of makingrepparttar 107899 wrong decision. I wasted so much time. Just dive in. If you end up doing something that looks funny or wrong, you can almost always find a solution.

Second, save your work. This is so important in word processing programs. Have you ever been typing along, only to hit a wrong key and have your entire document disappear? Boy, I sure have. This doesnít have to happen. If you just remember to hit "save" (underrepparttar 107900 file menu on most all word processors) every few sentences,repparttar 107901 most youíll ever lose is a phrase or two.

Why would I read about it when I could be doing it instead?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

I spend about 10 hours a day reading and have yet to read a software manual for any ofrepparttar 50 apps I have on my computer. They don't make sense to me and they insist on putting too much stupid stuff in there like disclaimers and marketing hyperbole. What good is that after you've already boughtrepparttar 107891 software?

Personally, I readrepparttar 107892 more sensible "Quick Start" guides and then only skim those to getrepparttar 107893 key points. The way I userepparttar 107894 software is usually different than that envisioned byrepparttar 107895 designers and even other users, so it really only makes sense to look up stuff when troubleshooting.

If I readrepparttar 107896 manual for my digital watch, my cell phone, my two-line digital cordless phone, my PDA, my printer and my ebook, I'd never use them for lack of time. What do I need to know more about my software for if it is serving it's purpose? What I need is for everything to be a hosted app onrepparttar 107897 web and universally accessible wirelessly with built-in voice recognition troubleshooting software.

That way I could just say "Diagnose error" and it would fix itself. I don't care HOW it works, just THAT it work. If it isn't relevant to me, it isn't relevant.

Why do you thinkrepparttar 107898 trend is toward sytsem on a chip (SoC)? Have you ever readrepparttar 107899 owners manual for your car? If you have. Did you learn anything? Did it make you a better driver? No need to read marketing hyperbole or disclaimers, I just want it to work. When it breaks, I don't want to learn why, just fix it please. I won't buy another one of those because it breaks too often.

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