Tips For Toys

Written by Margaret Svete, Ph.D.

Toys are fun both for our dogs and us. Lucky for us there are endless choices.

But did you know how important toys are for your dogs - puppies especially.

Toys play a great role inrepparttar emotional and mental development of puppies. They also act as solutions for inappropriate chewing, boredom, and separation anxiety. In fact most dog trainers recommend that new puppy owners buy lots of toys for repparttar 125428 newest member ofrepparttar 125429 family.

Variety isrepparttar 125430 spice of life. Most experts recommend buying different kinds of toys for your dog so that you can discover which ones he really likes.

You might be surprised withrepparttar 125431 answers. Berry, my 95 pound German Shepherd just loves cuddling up his stuffed animals. Who would have thought!

Trainers and behaviorists recommend that their clients have three sets of toys.

Tolerance Gage is screaming - "I can't take it anymore"

Written by Sharon Lambkin


We are really living in strange times.

You knowrepparttar Bible says inrepparttar 125427 end times that "right" will look wrong and "wrong" will seem right.

Does anyone need to be convinced that we are living in those times.

I have reachedrepparttar 125428 absorption point - and I realyy mean I can't take it anymore. I have turned off my news "hard when you are a news junkie" - turned offrepparttar 125429 radio - turned off people if they are negative.

I will be glad whenrepparttar 125430 election is over - never in my entire lifetime have I witnessedrepparttar 125431 extent that people will go to in order to get power - lies, cheating, immoral, things that are proven on paper are turned around and spinned inrepparttar 125432 way they want it to appear -repparttar 125433 most disheartened thing about it is - PEOPLE BELIEVE IT!!

They say we can't profile - WHY???? - If you are attcked by a bunch of green men - you don't go looking for white, black, brown or any other color - you look forrepparttar 125434 green man.

Political correctness has our hands tied and we are unable to protect ourselves properly. People who come from aroundrepparttar 125435 world come here and try to change our world to match theirs -repparttar 125436 USA has it's own culture and ways - why should we change to meetrepparttar 125437 needs of other cultures.

We are suppose to be a government ofrepparttar 125438 people, byrepparttar 125439 people and forrepparttar 125440 people - this has changed - we are no longer a democracy - we are governed by crazy power hungry judges who want to makerepparttar 125441 rules and not inforce them.

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