Tips For Creating Your " TO DO " List

Written by Joe McHenry

Most successful people use " TO DO " lists. They range fromrepparttar top CEOs of multi-national companies to entrepreneurs of small businesses.

Busy housewives and retired workers - anyone who wants to use their limited time effectively.

You can also use these lists to keep you focused on what really needs to be done, and keep you away from un-important tasks that have no value.

The result - more time to do what you want!

1. Make It A Daily Record

Every day you should make a " To Do " list. You will find it invaluable in helping you decide where your priorities lie.

2. The Nuts and Bolts of Your " TO DO " List

Write down all your outstanding tasks on a sheet of paper,then carefully go through deciding if an item is to be graded as :-

A. Urgent. B. Important but not urgent. C. Not urgent nor important.

Within categories A and B it will be necessary for you to prioritise sorepparttar 117399 most urgent task becomes A1, thenrepparttar 117400 next becomes A2 etc.

Similarly withrepparttar 117401 set of tasks you have decided are B.

This is not necessary withrepparttar 117402 C tasks of course.

Some people prefer to color coderepparttar 117403 items instead so with such a systemrepparttar 117404 A tasks may be colored red,repparttar 117405 B tasks blue etc.

You may choose whatever colors have meaning for you. It really is an individual choice.

3. Usingrepparttar 117406 " TO DO " List

Each morning you must update your "TO DO" list.Bring forwardrepparttar 117407 A,B,and C items not completedrepparttar 117408 day before on to another sheet of paper.

Add new items torepparttar 117409 lists after considering carefully where each new item should go.

Then reviewrepparttar 117410 list and start onrepparttar 117411 top priorities, crossing off each one as it is finished throughoutrepparttar 117412 day.

4 Things About Multiple Streams Of Income You Should Know

Written by Lisa Cope

Earning a steady monthly income online is something that eludes many online marketers. One ofrepparttar main reasons for this is because they have not learned how to maintain multiple streams of income. So many will focus all of their energies and marketing dollars into promoting one single product or program and if they don't generate sales from this each month they will have no income.

So what isrepparttar 117398 key to earning a steady monthly income online?

1. You must have multiple streams of income.

You've heard that old adage " don't put all your eggs into one basket " The same holds true when you are running an online business. To insure a steady flow of income each month it is extremely important to have multiple streams of income.

2. What are multiple streams of income?

Good question. Basically it is when you have income coming in from more than one source at a time.

Imagine having 3 jobs with 3 paychecks. If this wererepparttar 117399 case you would have multiple streams of income. Lucky for you this is notrepparttar 117400 type of income streams I am referring to. I just wanted to give yourepparttar 117401 basic idea. Now in an online business it is much easier to achieve multiple streams of income and it doesn't require that you hold down more than one job. I bet your relieved to hear that!

3. How do you get multiple streams of income?

I know what you may be thinking "it's hard enough to keep one income coming in how am I going to manage to get multiple streams coming in atrepparttar 117402 same time?" I'm glad you asked. It's really not as complicated as it may sound.

As a matter of fact if you have your own business website you may already be earning multiple streams of income.

If you sell a product or a specific group of products and you also sell advertising on your site then you are earning an income from two different sources. Are you earning commissions from an affiliate or partner program? That is another stream of income. If you are generating profits from backend sales add that to your stream.

So as you can see it's really not that difficult to earn multiple streams of income.

4. Why is it so important to have multiple streams of income?

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